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Can't mention Suzuki without mentioning Tokyo Drifter...


Gangster no. 1. Most stylish British film of recent years IMO...

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Constantine - already referenced in a thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=9617
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I like the clothes in The Man Who Fell To Earth
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Talented Mr. Ripley
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Hitchcock made some stylish films
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Stranger than Paradise.

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the original version of the “thomas crown affair” featuring steve mcqueen is an amazing film. forget the remake, it’s rubbish. not to mention that mcqueen’s bespoke wardrobe in the film is incredible. british sartorial expert mark powell calls it “the most stylish movie ever created.” alfred dunhill image director yann debelle de montby concurs: “it is an incredible work, as it declares to all men that being stylish is a joy.” james sherwood, author of the british sartorial bible the “london cut” declares that “it connects us with the passion we derived from military dress or court uniforms. it reminds us that in the centuries before, it was always the man, and not the woman, that was the style star.” mcqueen’s film resonates because of its unique combination of virility and elegance. definitely worth a watch or two!
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The Sting.

James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause...and on this 1950s theme, Stand By Me (i.e. Keifer Sutherland and River Phoenix)

Austin Powers. I'm only half joking here.
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Glengarry Glen Ross

(They happen to be some of my all time favorites, as well.)
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Point Blank with Marvin...


The President's Analyst with Coburn...

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+1 I want Marvin's grey suit from Point Blank.
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Quiz Show with Rob Morrow and Ralph Fiennes comes to mind.
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not a movie, but check out Boardwalk Empire: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0979432/
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I always liked a lot of the clothes in The Matrix Trilogy. The Merovingian stands out. As does Neo, still dig his priest like coat.
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