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I've got to second the James Bond movies, especially those of late. Who wouldn't want a closetful of Brioni?
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Alfie was a rather stylish, albeit somewhat trendy, movie. Makes great use of cut, rather than pattern, to stand out. I love the pairing of the high-stance 2-button black suit, with the solid pink shirt. Also the pinstripe suit was very nice. These, of course, are 'designer' suits rather than 'high-quality' suits.
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American Psycho, for pretty obvious reasons. Fight Club for some of Tyler's vintage clothes. Honorable mentions to Sexy Beast for the medium grey trousers and white shirt combo seen on Don Logan (Ben Kingsley), and JFK for Costner as a flashy Jim Garrison. Edit: Speaking of La Dolce Vita, how about I Vitelloni? Very similar in feel.
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I Vitelloni similar in feel to La Dolce Vita? The two are some distance apart in terms of Fellini's ability, not to mention his adherence to neo-realism. There are similar themes but that can be said for a number of his films. Both are definitely great films for clothing.
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Gangster No1 has some great 60s style with lots of slim sharkskin suits and nice knitwear throughout Michael Caine 60s films had nice style (Alfie, Get Carter, Italian Job) also Quadrophenia and Small Faces had nice mod wear these were mentioned but mos def Snatch, Ocean's 11, Lock Stock 2 Smoking Barrels. The new Alfie has some nice gear.
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No mention yet of Casablanca? The DB pin stripe with a polkadot tie and flower in the naple when the Germans were invading France. And thanks to this movie I own a few trenchcoats. Eric
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Just watched "It Happened One Night" tonight.  Clark Gable looked excellent in it.  In fact, he does in most of his films. *Add: "Bullitt." Steve McQueen looks really good throughout most of the film, as do the Chicago "outfit" guys. Also, McQueen's informant, Eddie, wears a somewhat dated, yet still very hip, get-up. Props for the '68 Mustang 2+2 Fastback and Challenger R/T as well.
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Gosford Park was pretty well done, I thought. Maybe it's more of a costume drama, but fun to look at nonetheless. Also A Room With A View, IIRC the very definition of 'chick flick', but it has some good period dress. Heck let's go all the way and mention Amadeus. It speaks for itself. I thought Minority Report was kindof stylish, albeit pretty slick and flashy. /andrew - not so slick and flashy
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I mentioned this on another thread, but "After the Sunset" is a great ad for Tommy Bahama (clothing and furnishings). Also, I saw "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" on cable the other evening and noticed Sidney Poitier's suit--he plays a doctor--was very nice, great fabric with an excellent drape.
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The Maltese Falcon. The second suit (of three total) that Bogie wears -- SB peak, 3 piece in solid navy -- is flawless. Rope. Some of the best fitting, most beautifully cut clothing I've ever seen.
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La Dolce Vita. Check out the handmade shirt for instance
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Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius - Way cool digs from the old golf daze. Starsky & Hutch - Remeber the 70's
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I'm surprised I haven't seen "Tailor of Panama" mentioned.  It's a good spy story with Geoffrey Rush and Pierce Brosnon and some beautiful suits. There is also a great time-lapse sequence of a jacket being measured and cut. Plus, Brosnon plays a great sleeze-ball of a spy, kind of a beyond burnt out James Bond.   Mission Impossible 2 was on the other night while I was making dinner and I have to remark that Tom Cruise always looks comfortable in what he is wearing. Aaron
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Gosford Park Goldfinger and Thunderball are, in my view, Bond at his most stylish. Day of the Jackal - the Fred Zinneman original, not drivel released later. The assassin has some nice kit. Rex Harrison's outfits in My Fair Lady have a certain style. The most stylish film of all, however, has to be the 1934 version of The Scarlet Pimpernel - pure class.
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Just saw the third Indiana Jones movie on cable (again) last night and was reminded of how well they recreated the feel of the late 30s-early 40s, down to Indy's vest and bow tie worn while teaching.
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