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When you buy a new suit...

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How long before you start looking for something to top what you just bought?
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As soon as $$$ is saved But I think we all experienced it, when I have 'hard on' for something, I must have it.
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If it's the right suit, I have that feeling of satisfaction each time I wear it.
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Agreed. If it's really superb, I'm happy all the time. Of course, I still want something new ;-)
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I choose with deliberate care, and buy rarely. The satisfaction hasn't ended yet. I don't try to 'top' anything I've purchased -- each garment is destined for a certain millieu -- the others I want to acquire have their places too. Regards, Huntsman
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I always feel the satisfaction, but I am always trying to top it. Probably after I've worn it once, I'm ready to start looking for something that's just a little bit better.
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For me, it's something to enjoy/ look forward to every time I put on a Brioni, Attolini, or Oxxford suit or sportcoat. I like setting the clothing out the night before, picking a perfect necktie, and "powering up" in these items the following morning, to get motivated for the work day ahead. Probably the one thing that gives me the most pleasure over a long period of time is my wristwatch; I keep the black strap on it, so I can't wear it every single day.
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For me, the satisfaction lasts as long as the suit does. I don't even have a full wardrobe yet (two suits going on three, add one sportcoat at the end of this month, and only two good pairs of brown shoes) so I'll be slowly adding onto it as time and money permits. Then after that, as my first suits are wearing out, I'll try those $$$$ tailors in New York and England and Italy and whatever. That will probably be in about 10 years.
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My satisfaction grows each time I wear one of my good suits. The bad ones just get worse and worse.
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