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Marco Valentino Suits? Any thoughts/experience?

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This seems like a steal, but I'm unfamiliar (and assume this is not the Valentino seen at Saks, etc.)

Has anyone tried or heard of Marco Valentino?
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You may want to check AAAC. The M Valentino suits come from the same seller as Baroni and have received much more attention there.
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I picked up the navy pin stripe from Jeff at Wizard of Aaahs...very nice suit. My tailor had high marks for it. Construction is well done, details are nice. Pick stitching is machine made, but I personally can't tell the difference (which has to do with my ignorance and inexperience.)

The pants are very slim cut (I needed the seat let out just a touch. The shoulders are neither roped nor natural...somewhere in between. The fabric is really nice.

It seems to me that at the price point of $300, it is better than a lot of other suits and every bit the equivalent of other manufacturers that you can find at $300 through the B&S forum here, or on ebay, etc.
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Does he also sell Keyton, Ralf Lauren, George Armani???
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Either guy has a bunch of shills running around online, or the suits ain't half bad.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post
Does he also sell Keyton, Ralf Lauren, George Armani???

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Mine came yesterday. Very pleased with it especially for the price (my local custom men's shop said it looked like a $1,000 tux). Sorry, no pics. Tux in for minor alterations.
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I got one based on the AAAC review and was pretty pleased. The jacket was huge, but alterable, and the pants were surprisingly nice. I might just order more for odd trousers.

It was reassuring that my favorite tailor (Mario Bosco, in Atlanta) was quite complimentary about the construction. He's been scathing towards some of my other suits, especially Zegna, so I tend to respect his honesty.

The best part was dealing with Jeff ('The Wizard? -- dunno). Extremely helpful and communicative.
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Damn. Should have read closer: I got the Baroni, not the MV. Customer service would remain the same, of course.
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Haruspex: did you get the size "40" or the size "38"?

Because based on the measurements I think I'd get a "38" with my 40" chest...
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Well, again, it was the Baroni. I'm a 42L and that's what I ordered given my ignorance of the cut. The shoulders turned out to be fine, but you could have made a quilt out of what was left over from tailoring the waist and skirt, suppressed to fit the rest of my torso. The pants, as mentioned prior, were quite slim, but that was actually quite to my taste.

Good workhorse suit. The keyhole lapel buttonhole is a little odd, but that's a quibble for the price.
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Oh-- I just went by your profile which says 40...

BTW I have a Canali which is one of my favorite jackets-- and it's got a keyhole lapel... but JC Penny suits don't, IIRC.
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And that's the point...great workhorse suits for everyday office wear. It's even a great first suit if you don't want to spend a lot..I have 6 Baroni's and 2 M. Valentino's. I also have 2 Corneliani's and 2 Isaia's that I wear to special occasions.

I can hunt and peck on the B&S forum or Ebay looking for $300-$400 Polo suit (or equivalent) and the options are very limited, or I can go right to Jeff's store and pick from a larger inventory. By the way - he provides special pricing to sf and aaac members. Just ask him.

It only bothers me a little that friends and family honestly can't tell the difference between my $300 Wizard suits and my $1000 suits. I'm sure the more sartorially inclined people could see the difference but that's <<<<<0.1% of the population I find here in San Diego.
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I tell you, the option to buy extra trousers (in different styles, no less) at $90 apiece is very appealing.

Have you tried the "basket weave" fabric? Jeff says it's cooler in the summer...
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P. Turkey, sorry about the data entry error on my profile. It's corrected, now.

That's interesting about the keyhole lapel, uh, hole. I never associated as pro or contra quality, it just was something I noticed. As for the suit, I'll be interested to see how it behaves over time, if the canvas conforms and settles in to my build. Eventually, I'll probably get a few, just for the rigors of business travel.
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