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ted baker dress shirts

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i have found a few Ted baker dress shirts in my size for good prices at a few local stores and was wondering if they are any good. I have heard afew good and bad things about them. If anyone can tell me about their quailty and if they like, I would appreciate it. Thanks for all the help again...
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I find the fit awkward. The cloth is generally some kind of polyester blend. Neato patterns, but generally I wear them a season and get tired. I think the workmanship and fit were what first turned me away from Ted Baker. Does that help?
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I also have mixed emotions about Ted Baker's dress shirts.  I purchased a couple of their shirts two or three years ago from his shop here in NYC.  The fabric was all-cotton, with a very interesting pattern.  Fit was slim, which was good.  But the price was rather high for what one gets, so I did not purchase any more. Until I saw Ted Baker dress shirts at Bloomingdales.  The price was less than the previous shirts, but they were also much less interesting.  Excited nonetheless, I bought one.  The fit was quite awkward -- rather blousy, as if it were cut for an American man.  Buttons broke after first laundering.  But the worst element of it was the collar was strangely balanced.  Not by design, mind you, but a manufacturing defect.  It's not that it was too large or small, just off. Perhaps they've improved since then.  I don't know, as I won't be buying anymore of their mass market line anytime soon.  My two cents.
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Some interesting patterns, but I find the fake-MOP thick buttons get damaged way too easily whether I wash or send to the dry cleaners. I own a couple and I would tell people to steer clear.
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I too think the patterns/fabrics look great. But, I've stayed away from them b/c they seem middle of the road in quality. Plus, there are constantly mountains of the shirts available at Filene's Basement, which tells me they can't be that special.
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