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Leather jacket help

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looking for a jacket like this, slim, hood and leather
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What sort of price-range?
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Diesel always puts out a fairly good selection, but it might be out of your price point...
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Price point is really helpful. I assume you want the trendier bomber style. Topman has a hooded one for about $170 before shipping S.W.O.R.D. has some great non-hooded leather jackets from $850-$950.
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willing to spend around $1000
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i need to find a decent hooded leather jacket as well, like the claude maus one or the marc jacobs one. can only find one on the net. would love to shop around for one or see one pop up on ebay to ease the hitpocket headhost haha. any help will be appreciated
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Wow those sword jackets are great! Get a sword - wear a thin hoodie underneath if you really want the hood. Actually it probably wouldn't be too hard to actually sew a hood on. Otherwise your quite limited
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Actually, check out - the second last look of holiday 07
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Rick Owens released a pretty nice hooded leather jacket.
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can someone tell me who makes that jacket please
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i've got a claude maus, that you may like.

Claude Maus leather jacket
a really fine quality leather jacket.
size 10 fit small.
detachable hoodie.

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