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these strangely appeal to me... Not for everyday wear though
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Originally Posted by Viktor Bottier de Art View Post
Hello your Guys outthere, Some information about Saion bespoke Salon. The Guy who made the /shoes is one of the Best Cobblers of the whole Planet. Wether or not about Heel high, i got used to it , and now i think the Shoes have the finest Harmony and craftmansship to find for a long time.. They implemented what we called :The golden cut. I can tell all of your guys, because i studied shoemaking from the bottom up, and was working 3 years in Japan, Tokyo, this guys overthere have the sense and sensibility to create one of the finest shoes which i saw ever. I made an apperenticeship at Guild of Craft, too I don't wanna be selfish, and ignorant, but i saw shoes from Lobb which look like a trunk compete with the work who does all my Japanese friends!!! So, If somebody whant' s to know more about shoes from Japan, don't hesitate to contact me. Otsukaresamadeshta Viktor
Welcome Victor, I see you are a longtime lurker, hope to have you posting! Think you need to post some pictures of your shoes! As for your reference to Lobb, i iknow there is a Japanes brand Lobb's" that is low end. There is also John Lobb Paris with two RTW lines as well as a bespoke option and there is John Lobb LTD in London who only do bespoke. I think you will find simmilar qualities NOT STYLE in a bespoke option from JLP & JL LTD as in Saino, Koji Suki, Il Micio, Gaziano&Girling, Cleverly, Foster, Peron& Peron, Stefano Bemer etc. But these are all handmade to YOUR last and specifications. Not to be confused with RTW. Checked out reutch but al I saw was information about insoles, no complete shoes...
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looks like a mix of corthay, g&g and st. crispins
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Originally Posted by holymoly View Post

Updated link to Saion

Saion stopped updating their blog over s year ago...

I assume they are kept busy with all the MTO orders they're receiving smile.gif
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Hell my Dear,

thank you for answering my thread....
I did t checked the webside during the last time so sorry for beeing late...
it is very interesting to see that some people are intereted in japanese crafts,too.
i am still in munich , but getting boring here and try to work in japan again!!
i willsend you fotos within the next time, and will stay in touch with you.!

best Regards

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