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I suggest not taking too many photos. Unless one has a classic rangefinder or twin lens. But be strategic. People always leave a bad impression constantly snapping away with small digital cameras.
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Arvi Is Via Quadronno between Madison and Fifth - it's very narrow, with a bar on your left as you enter, with a seating area at the back, with excellent sandwiches, mostly on a ham/cheese theme? .
yes...73d street between madison & 5th..they have more than just paninis though..also excellent,albeit expensive, feature is the authentically feeeling italian espresso up front
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Hope I can find Lexington Bar and Books-- looking forward to cigars (one in a bar, one while strolling central park) in NYC.
lexington bar & book is on lex between 72d & 73 the way while strolling central park look for the boathouse cafe..they have an outdoor area by the lake which may still be open this toime of year..cgarettes are ok but don't know about cigars
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There is a French cafe on Lexington called Payard, that is similar, with wonderful chocolates.
My friend and I received very impolite service at Payard.
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I can't believe no mention of stopping by the Alan Flusser Custom shop? For heaven's sake, stop by, have a drink and say hello to Mark Rykkien, who is managing the shop for Alan. AF is there often, you should really meet him in person. They are friendly, cordial gentlemen. And no sartorial visit to NYC is complete without a visit to the Polo Mansion at 72nd & Madison. Love him or hate him, Ralph Lauren has created a visual masterpiece at the Rhinelander Mansion. Make a stop there and al least look around at the architecture. It's new but beautiful.
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Forgot to mention that. I definitely want to stop by Alan Flusser, and I'd hoped to pass the RL Mansion while strolling down Madison Avenue. This is shaping up to be a great 2.5 days in the city, thanks to your advice. Now, if I can just keep the spending under control.....
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There is life below 23rd Street. The prices are lower and the women are hotter.
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Amen Shirtmaven... Though the prices in SoHo sure rival Madison anymore. I barely go above 23rd, except to Barney's and to drewl at Chrome Hearts. To each their own.
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HAHA.... the prices are lower.... and --- on average --- the women are indeed hotter (the address of nearly every model just haaaappens to be below 23rd... hmmm.... I'm moving...) Foxx, send me a pm if you'd like some company for that drink and cigar at Bar and Books, or wherever else, for that matter. I have some appointments Tuesday, but nothing too time consuming. Ooooh, and for a nice meal (dinner, ideally) try Barbaluc on 65th between Lex and Park. The people there are great, any veal special incredible, and the selection of wines is absurd. Oh, and if you'd like me to let them know you'll be coming by, um, I guess, send me a pm. In fact, I'm heading over there in a few for dinner.
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