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My 'to do list' for NYC trip next week

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Well, here's what I've got so far for my NYC trip: o Pick up flat shoelaces at Lobb or JM Weston store, possibly some shoe polish o Royal Shave at Art of Shaving, 373 Madison Avenue o View pretty girls walking 5th Ave, in bars, restaurants, etc. o Possibly snap a photo or two with said pretty girls o Tie for newest Oxxford 'Crit' model suit (bringing with me to the store) from Bergdorf or possibly Saks o Walk in Central Park, enjoy the fall leaves. Take pictures of said leaves. o Have a few drinks at Tao (see item three for details) o Buy new pair of over the calf socks at Paul Stuart or Saks, to replace a favorite pair that now sports a hole. o Eat at bergdorf cafe or barneys restaurant o Metropolitian Museum of Art, about 2 hours. Note to self-- don't go on Monday like last time, as it is CLOSED. o Check out Holland and Holland, Turnbull and Asser, and Thomas Pink stores. Consider buying light purple shirt. o Cruise thru Trump Tower, change running into The Donald. o Get on TV Today Show outside Dean and Delucca, while drinking a good mocha. anything I'm missing/ forgetting, considering I'm sticking to the central park/ 5th ave/ Madison Ave areas not far from Rockefeller Center/ Plaza hotel?
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If you're going to be at T&A you should also check out the Oxxford (right next door), and Brioni (across the street) stores. The Kiton store is between 5th and Madison on 55th street, well worth a visit. koji
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no offense to NYCers, but last time i was there, i commented to mrs.discostu004 that there was a lot of "touting" of the beautiful ladies in NYC but i didn't see one i thought was a knock-out, NONE. i'm sure there are a lot obviously, and i spent plenty of time on the main streets. too much make-up, too much plastic surgery.
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Uhhh...did you hang out in Soho for any significant amount of time? koji
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Lance...We gotta hide em from the likes of you... JJF
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I once walked with my (then) wife near Dean & Deluca in Soho, and a neverending procession of unbelievably beautiful girls (they couldn't have been older than 16-17) went by. Even my wife's jaw dropped, as she tried to hurry me across the street... It turned out there was a model agency up the street. So, for really good looking women - soho, village, upper 5th, upper Madison and upper east side in general (slightly older). Avoid the NYU and Columbia areas. While you're at the Rockefeller center area, check the Faconnable store opposite Saks. Also, if you walk up 5th from Bergdorf, you can go by Vacca on 5th between 59th and 60th, make a right at 60th, check Borrelli and cross the street to Barney's.
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aha, good advice all around. I wonder if I wore my attolini suit jacket, if anyone at Vacca would spot it? I completely forgot about the Borrelli and Kiton stores-- but I think I avoided Brioni and Oxxford, etc. last trip because I could see a much larger selection of great labels at Saks and Bergdorf. Also, I picked up my favorite pair of cufflinks (silver ovals, double sided) from Asprey last trip, for a very reasonable price.
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Ahh, the Royal Shave at Art of Shaving is a great NY experience. You literally look younger afterwards.
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Holland & Holland closed, dead, defunct in NYC
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Good god. It is as though you tore a page out of my (imaginary) day planner. Personally I would avoid Pink like the plague; I find their shirts to be of inferior quality and represent poor value for the price they charge. And while Paul Stuart has fantastic over-the-calf hosiery, I find them a little overpriced. I don't know where else in NY to find good socks like theirs though.
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I too would advise avoiding Pink. I always go to Brooks Brothers on Madison Avenue when I am in NY, but that is because I am from London, and this is a treat for me. Another regular haunt for me is Belgian Shoes (I think it's on 56th st). They are only available from this store, and I always think of them as being uniquely New York. I can't really advise you where to go for girls - when I am there, I hang out with my little sister, who lives there, and she has many nice looking friends. And no, I won't tell you where she hangs out. But from experience, Fifth Avenue is mainly tourists - I always like people watching on Lex between 60th and 80th, and there also seem to be pretty girls in the East Village.
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 View pretty girls walking 5th Ave, in bars, restaurants, etc.
Foxx: stop acting like a fox, behave you have a wife. For those that don't have a wife, Australia is supposed to have the most beautiful girls in the world. Americans go crazy over aussie girls.
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yeah, but....thomas pink has such an interesting review in Steve's book. Last I heard, the shirts aren't even made in Ireland any more. Maybe I'll save myself the trouble and stick to Turnbull and other plans. Holland and Holland is closed? I never had a chance to see it (although I know Saks carries some of their stuff); is the Beretta store worth seeing for the hunting and sporting inspired clothings, etc? Marc....well, I figure that if I can review the fine art in the Met Museum without buying, I should be able to check out the pretty girls in Manhattan, right? I think I'll skip that discussion with the wife entirely, tho..... Is Brioni even worthwhile, given the large selection at Saks and Bergdorf?
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The Brioni store is quite nice, and as I'm sure you realize, Brioni cuts vary slightly from store to store. koji
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here are a few random thoughts from someone who has lived in and shopped new york all his life: Pink is for those who don't know any better Shirt and tie selections are far better ar BG,Barneys,Saks Try the just opened Bottega del Vino on 58th off of 5th for wine or espresso Via Quadronno on 73rd off of madison is the most italian espresso bar in the city Some interesting stores on upper madison like Peter Elliot,Mario Caldi Check out the ladies brunching at La Goulue If you smoke cigars try Lexington Bar & Books @ 73rd &lex
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