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Cloak nyc

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This name has popped up in a good number of threads recently. I've yet to actually see this brand, which I don't know how that's possible. Where do they sell this stuff and what can you compare it to? Also, what's the price point?
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Cloak is one of those aesthetically pleasing practical brands. Rather militarily inspired outerwear, and such. It is based in N.Y., and available at least to my recollection only in N.Y, and L.A.
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Cool stuff. I like that overcoat, though it seems a bit boxy. It seem that Cloak would be sold in Barney's or Atrium. It has a very East Village hipster feel.
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They were at Louis' Artisan's Collective. I didn't get a chance to take a good look at their merchandise. I wish I had... But I've heard a lot of good things.
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The pieces range in fit, from an oversized mohair/wool black cardigan from last season (which I bought and self vintagized - unravelling some of the knitting between the body and the hood and clumsily patched with needle and thread)) to tight jackets to jackets with tight shoulders but slightly boxy through the body. MikeC, totally correct - inspired by East Village types. I am planning on picking up a jacket either this season or the next.
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Just bought a pair of Cloak pants today... in NYC interviewing. You can find Cloak at "A" on Crosby just South of Broadway in NYC (best avant garde designer store in NYC... Carpe Diem, Demeulemeester, Raf Simons, Les Hommes, Carol Christian Poell, Cloak...). Also at Opening Ceremony at 35 Howard (take right at the end of Crosby in Soho/Chinatown). Check it out Mike. Pete
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