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Because you spend $ on clothes,

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Because you spend money on clothes, what don't you spend money on? Thoughtful responses might reveal some interesting traits of forum members.
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Cars, AV equipment, travel. Not that I would spend on these things in any case.
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Don't drink, smoke, buy music, or spend money on electronics. Of course that doesn't quite add up to my clothing addiction, but my wife buys it.
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Actually, before I started buying up clothes and shoes on Ebay and Filene's, etc., my big money-sucking hobby was wine. I still buy quite a bit of wine, but not as much as before.
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Well, I don't even spend that much on clothing (though I do buy lots on jeans as mine seem to wear out at alarming rates); but I guess that I skimp mainly on household stuff if I need to.  Furniture, for example, is not at all important to me.  I just buy minimalist stuff on sale and Ikea.  Personally, I have always liked the idea that I could pack up every material thing I cared about in a suitcase and be ready to move in under half an hour.  My last move (from one apartment in the building to another) I accomplished in 2 hours, including moving all of my furniture, which consists simply of a bed, a couch, a footstool and end table, a set of drawers, a dining room table, and 2 chairs.  I own hardly any dish or cookware.  I have a microwave and a coffeemaker, and only the latter is indispensible. I don't care at all about AV equipment. My t.v. is a piece of crap, as is my ancient stereo, but they work for me. I don't own a car (can't drive. Tried once. Had an "accident" in the parking lot, and that was that. Never got a license.) I do travel quite a lot though, which gobbles up the rest of my money. And I spend the remainder on my fiancee - actually, sometimes I feel like I am taking care of two wardrobes. But I have learned a lot more about women's fashion (which is, after all, a lot bigger field than men's), so I feel that is money well spent in more ways than one.
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I'll second the wine. I bought up and cellared a ton of 1997 California Cabernet, and now I put it all in to what I wear. Maybe now I dress better when I go to the liquor store, albeit less often.
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Probably expensive dinners and alcohol. Though my spending on clothes has increased by virtue of this forum -- more due to quality than quanity -- I have also gained skills that have allowed me to make quite a bit of money selling clothes on Ebay (buying in stores and "flipping" them). I bet for every $1 I spend on clothes when I go to a store/Bluefly/MTM etc., I sell 35 cents worth of stuff on Ebay (after deducting fees, etc.).
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Car, mostly. My car payment is 1/3 of most of my friends' payments, and I'm quite happy with a point A to point B mode of transportation. Then again, my salary is a fraction of some people's as well. I do spend on music/events and dining, which sometimes limits my style budget.
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I don't smoke, drink, travel, make sport, eat in expensive restaurants, buy CD or DVD, change PC (5 year old) and Mobile phone every 6 months, buy fashion used garment which cost very much for nothing, like jeans @ 120 euros (I buy Levi's 501 in sales) I do not drive my Porsche anymore because money put in fuel and spare parts would be lost forever. I should sell it as I use subway and I do not like car anymore. My pleasure is nice fabrics. Clothes and shoes. Cachemire, wool, silk, leather.... Not necessary to wear them all the time but to own them, to touch, to try, to know I can wear them... I stopped with watches as I have enough for the moment.
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When I was employed and made a salary, I invested pretty heavily in stereo equipment and saved a little on the side for a traveling fund prior to grad school. Now my money is mostly spent on food and clothing. I have a weakness for French bistro and Sunday brunch (Pastis/Tartine addict).
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Breast implants, like yours Alexis.
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No country club membership and no kids. (And my wife is a pretty good seamstress, so she makes many of her own clothes. Luckily she doesn't hold my clothing "hobby" against me).
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Breast implants, like yours Alexis.
Totally inappropriate. Reign it in, cuffthis.
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Since I started spending more money on clothes I definitely spend less money going out, buying things, etc for girls, which is good because that was always pretty much a waste of money. Plus, now that I dress nicer and look better the girls buy me stuff.
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Hookers. But seriously, I'd say that most of my 'spending money' goes towards clothing. Occationally, I'll purchase CDs (usually used, and more obscure), DVDs, books, etc. I also spend quite a bit on alcohol (hey, good Scotch isn't cheap.), but most of my bigger purchases are on clothing items.
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