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Rain spot on shoes.

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Ok, I polished my black shoes last night with black shoe polish. It was mirrior finish and I was happy. I decided not to put silicon water repeler since the shoes has been polished (mistake). Anyways, it was raining this morning, when I came into my office, I noticed that my shoes had rain drops. I wiped them away with soft cloth, however, rain stains were still visible it you look closely. Do you guys spray the shoes after polishing? Thank heaven I was not wearing brown shoes.
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Try mild soap and water, let dry, and then repolish.
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Just give them some time to dry out completely. If the spots are there, repolishing will do the trick. I find it very interesting that my brown C&J Audleys are now very water-resistant, thanks to a nice thin layer of wax polish (built up over the course of my owning them) that keeps the shoes in a perpetual sheen. When I come in from the rain, I take a paper napkin and give my shoes a quick wipe. Before they had time to take on the wax, they would visibly spot when they got wet. Still, it only took about a day for them to disappear completely.
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I have a pair of Alden cordovan shoes that are oddly rain spotted, but only in one portion of the shoe (the front part, excluding the cap). Very odd. Nothing I do can solve the problem.
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From my experience the Alden shell cordovan shoes do not have to be polished frequently. To remove the water spot I would clean the shoes with a damp paper towel and let the  shoes dry. Then brush the shoes with a horsehair brush and wipe the shoes with a soft buffing cloth.
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Very fine steel wool?
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Very fine steel wool?
Yeah, that's what I like to use in my shower instead of soap. NOT. I hope you're kidding about the steel wool thing. -Tom
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Ha. I live in South Florida and I like (and use) suede shoes. Jon.
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Most spots that appear on leather after a rain is due in some part to salts in road and side walk surfaces that inherently get on the uppers and cause spotting and sometimes discoloring of the leather. I clean my shoes when this occures with vinegar, yes vinegar. Mix 1/2 water with 1/2 clear(save the balsamic for a good chunk of Regiano Parmesan)white vinegar and blot the affected areas. Allow to dry and condition with a good cleaner / conditioner. Polish I'm an old shoe dog and for those who have asked how to get the best shine. My best friend, who happened to be a drill sargent told me this. Steal a pair of your significant others nylon stockings and do your final buff with them. Like Glass.
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