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Check out this millionaires get up. This guys been wearing the same suit for a week (every day in the newspaper he wears this suit).
Wow, so wrong in so many ways
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Someone may have beat me to this, but here goes anyway. Collarless dress shirts Trousers that are so big in they waist that they cinch under a belt. I know somone mentioned this earlier, but I hate big, clunky, square-toed shoes on men and women.
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American flag pins worn on the lapel. Makes you look like a politician. Maybe on the 4th of July.
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Marc- who the hell is that dude???
Is he dancing with that creepy lady in your avatar?
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Marc- who the hell is that dude???
He owns race horses. He was in Australia for the Melbourne Cup. And yes, collarless dress shirts suck. l h8 them.
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I wear mostly contrast collared and cuffed shirts, myself, except when I am wearing casual shirts. I like them.
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Mike Wallace's shirt collar and tie knot.
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in this world of declining standards that the way we present ourselves, and dress is an indication of how we will perform every task we do.
Well said...
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Oh my God. That is now a total of 2 posts I have made where someone has agreed with me. It makes a change I can assure you. Hey, when you are hot you are hot.
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(Kaga @ 05 Nov. 2004, 11:10) Also, those white contrast-collar and cuffs shirts on most men -- very Bill Lumberg from Office Space.  Unless one is Tom Wolfe, or some unironic 50+ London banker, don't do it.
disagree completely.  I like them a lot. I'm not sure I even understand your argument as to why they don't look good
I don't wear 'em -- but I admire those who can pull them off -- certain venal lawyers, certain bankers, certain admen. I don't know. I want to like the look -- esp. the old white collar and cuff with blue solid madras shirt of Brooks yore.
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My guilt is becoming too great to bear. My crimes as enumerated by the forum participants are becoming too frequent to enumerate: Blue oxford shirt with khakis Sleeves rolled halfway up the forearm
I like these two -- esp. the sleeves up.   Blue shirt with khakis isn't bad but I favor a white oxford with khakis. I have bad taste, on occasion, but I try to excuse myself by knowing that I have erred.
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When the hems on plain bottom pants are flipped up to look like cuffs.
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OK, I finally read through this thread, and I would never have guessed my closet could be such a chamber of vile iniquity.  I admit to having all of the following:   khakis, DOCKERS khakis, blue oxfords, a dinner jacket I'm required to wear at afternoon concerts, dark dress shirts (at least they're cotton, and I don't "match" ties a la Regis), my lowly Wenger sport watch I'm forced to wear with everything for lack of an alternative, Windsor-knotted ties and spread collars, mock-necks, a Thomas Pink shirt, several all-black outfits, some blousy BB buttondowns, pleated chinos, rubber-soled AE dress-casual shoes, some "strangely-colored" shirts, a t-shirt with the Navy logo of the destroyer my brother served on, several jackets with "kissing" sleeve buttons, a dark green HF suit, a black & brown sweater, oxblood shoes, red shirts, beige sweaters, cotton sweaters, some collared shirts I often wear under them, v-neck tees, Talbott ties, brogues, chinos, button-downs, a contrast collar shirt, and an SF Giants warmup jacket. Thank God I don't have any evil tassel loafers, at least.  Still, it's become clear that I'm an "American jackass", a royalist, a Nazi/SS sympathizer, a military wannabe, and an effete Euro-trash snob all rolled into one. No wonder I feel so confused sometimes.  Maybe there's a 12 step program I could join... PS. I see no one's mentioned the mullet hairstyle yet...
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I have only ever seen this once, so I am not sure if it can really count as a clothing peeve, but I would like to nominate men who wear those firearm style shoulder holsters for mobile phones. I have only seen this once in the flesh, (it was also featured on television when Gareth in "The Office" wore one) but the offence was so serious I thought it worth mentioning. Also people who ruin their appearance by wearing a brightly coloured goretex type jacket which is more suited for an Antarctic expedition over a suit or at least a collar and tie. This offence is almost death penalty worthy when it is done by someone who is employed to make video recordings of special events such as Weddings and Military/Police passing out/graduation parades/ceremonies. They should really blend in slightly better.
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Blue tweed sport coats.
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