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Clothing Pet Peeves - what are yours?

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For some reason I keep seeing men with their functional buttonholes on their suit jackets unbuttoned. Sometimes its just one, as an obvious nod to the fact that they have functional buttonholes. Other times its all four, which I still cant figure out. Id be interested to know if I am in the minority in thinking this is tacky, like "hey, look at me, I have functional buttonholes, arent I better than you" . So, in the same vein, here are my top 3 clothing pet peeves: 1. Undoing functional buttonholes for show. 2. Not using collar stays - weve all seen it. Ive seen guys in $3000.00 suits who look absurd because they wont slide a 2 cent piece of plastic in their collars. 3. wrong color belt with shoes. I mean, seriously, you dont have to be beau brummel to realize that if you wear black shoes, put on a black belt. Im sure I can add to this list, but I would be interested in knowing some other member's pet peeves.
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outdated sportcoats ugly, boring ties shoes with an exaggerated square-toe khakis crumby loafers (tassels, sawdust, stains and all) flashy hardware on shoes bold blue shirt with a suntan look cheap-looking navy suits (most of them are cheap-looking) men who listen to women about fashion (oops.)
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- exposed calf from wearing low cut socks - great suit, lousy cufflinks - unbuttoned suit coat. If you wear the jacket, button it.
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Men appearing in public wearing eveningwear before dark.
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Huge amounts of tie space in a collar; seeing collarband above the tie knot; ties not pulled up into the collar.
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Several years ago, at a trade association annual dinner, the wealthiest man in the room was wearing an expensive suit, but the trousers were hemmed so long that he was walking on the pants. I can't imagine who hemmed those pants--or if he didn't measure, but just went by a "34 inseam" comment from the customer. Anyway, it looked absolutely horrible. The best part was after he had finished the two bottles of wine he had carried in (and was good and soused) he started to heckle Sen. George Mitchell (this was before Mitchell handled the Irish negotiations). Mitchell took the heckling in stride and finished his speech. Mr. Too-Long Pants had shown his colors to everyone in the room--and they weren't pretty.
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but the trousers were hemmed so long that he was walking on the pants.
Good one.
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It is easy to generate the list. The New York City subway provides tons of inspiration for me everyday.
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-- ostentatious labels on clothes, such as the "CM" on the front of Countess Mara ties. -- unpolished dress shoes -- dress shirts worn w/o collar stays -- exposed calves when sitting down b/c socks too low -- crappy old socks exposed under slacks -- clunky square-toed shoes -- ultra pointy shoes/boots -- too-casual shoes worn for business -- necklaces and bracelets, unless your last name is Soprano -- school-kid knapsacks used as business briefcase by anyone over age 25 or so (might as well have a "don't take me seriously, I'm just a kid" label on your back.)
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Short sleeved "dress" shirts.
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Kiltie tassel loafers worn with a suit Imitations of an original ('these Cole Haan horsebit loafers look just like Gucci-nobody will know the difference and they're cheaper too") Navy blazers worn with too dark trousers ("mismatched suit") T-shirts with slogans or advertising Unpolished dress shoes
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Shiny metallic/dark dress shirt and tie combos. Picture the usual ratty, poorly fitting, cotton-poly Geoffery Beene/DKNY etc shirt with a flimsy collar, usually in some gaudy maroon, deep purple, or black. The tie is some clashing solid in silver, gold, or something to that effect, possibly polyester or some synthetic fabric, with a shiny "techno" hue. The good news is I'm seeing it less and less but it's sad that I still have to see clueless people wearing that getup. The worst is when they skip the suit, put on pleated dockers, and think that's an appropriate semiformal outfit.
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space at top of tie knot pulled down tie & unbottomed shirtcollar cutesy, novelty tie patterns dark shirts with ties matching shirt 7 tie combos a la regis philbin sport watches(e.g. timex ironman) worn with suit & tie
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cutesy, novelty tie patterns
Uh, oh. Even if tie is Hermes? ("especially if Hermes" is not an acceptable answer)
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DOCKERS & POLO SHIRTS Space above tie knots Bad tie knots (Tom Brokaw) Open DB jackets Unpolished shoes
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