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Dream Job: Poet/ writer - Musician/ jazz trumpet. Probably the only jobs that benifit from a drinking habit. Fantasy Job: working actor, known enough to get work, unknown enough to be able to go the park w/ my kid. That or an HVAC repair person.
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Considering this is Styleforum, I'm surprised there aren't any more clothing-type jobs. If I had the time, it paid better and I had some more technical skills, (and I didn't hate the general public so much), I'd be up for men's store or men's brand owner.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
I feel an empire might be too much of a hassle and responsibility whereas with with a small or medium-sized nation, one can control it with a reasonable amount of cult of personality.

Also, it allows one to raise an army that is uncannily mighty for such a small country.

This sounds a lot like Singapore.
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Dream job: my job now with more money and less of a commute, I guess. Fantasy job: musician/recording engineer, a la Steve Albini
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I'd also like to become something like a furrier.

No ImageWISes and Beastlords allowed.
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Dream Job: Working for Toyota Corporate making a good Six-figure income Fantasy Job: International Racecar Driver and Notorious Playboy
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I'd love to get two mil to spend a week in Tokyo, promoting a whisky brand.
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Dream job: CEO of chain of clinics
Fantasy job: Some kind of art/diamond theif a la Robert Deniro in 'The Score'. Would also be cool to be 008, Cmdr. J'aime
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Dream job: Something rich. Fantasy job: Assassin or prince (or playboy).
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Dream Job - CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation
Fantasy Job - NFL Quarterback
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dream - painter (Freud's respected standing)

fantasy - painter (Picasso's god-like standing)
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An old fashioned industrialist.
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hehe, that was a total set up....

Dream: Working it now....
Fantasy: Dump truck in a panty factory....
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I'm living my dream job. I didn't do well with jobs so I never had one for a long period of time. I make a living as a consultant and I travel all over the world. Im very happy and blessed with my position. Fantasy Job: A really talented and successful Fashion Designer.
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fantasy job: inheret everything from rich parents/grandparents... and do whatever i want. (like paris hilton)

dream job: any profesional sport
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