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Review of store

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I think that this would be of great use to everyone, and I'll start. A new store of note in Boston/Cambridge: I took a trip over to *Drinkwater's*, just past Porter Square in Cambridge, this past weekend. Gary Drinkwater used to be with Stonestreets (most recently) before setting out on his own, and I have to say that I like his store very much. Classic American done right, but also with something for everyone. As well as offering solid suiting, both RTW and MTM by Southwick at much more reasonable prices than I've seen elsewhere (although, admittedly, not at the W.W. Chan prices we are getting used to here), there are a lot of good casualwear pieces in warm earth tones and terrific materials. He carries a brand called "Engineered Clothing" out of NYC, that has a distinctly Japanese feel - sort of like a toned down (both in fashion amplitude and price) Comme de Garcons, with a cool barn jacket and a train conductor's jacket that both the classic dresser and the "hipster" could wear. There were also really great wool cashmere blend flannelized hacking style jackets as well as Bill's Khakis, and some other classic American brands, as well as some unknown but well made Italian brands. For those of you that inquired about Loake's - Drinkwaters carries them Mostly, though, I would go just to chat with Gary Drinkwater and his charming wife Theresa (congrats Gary, you're a lucky guy). A really good alternative to shops like the, ahem, Andover shop, and J. Press for a better take on the classic American look. Maybe we should HOF this or a similar thread. I'll gladly cut and paste my personal review of the Andover shop, and on Stel's, later on this week.
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I'll be sure to check it out -- I live right nearby. How much are the Southwick MTM? Full canvas I assume.
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How much are the Southwick MTM? Full canvas I assume.
Starts at around a grand, and goes up depending on the cloth. As I understand it, Southwick is half canvas, but I could be wrong. Personally, to get the true *American* MTM experience, I would go with a hardier, slightly coarser cloth - an English worsted wool with a bit of cashmere is ideal - hardy, but also soft, without the *superfine* look of an Italian cloth, which, surprise, surprise, look best on an Italian (Milanese, Neapolitan, Roman, whatever) style suit.
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Many thanks LAguy for your kind words about Drinkwater's. It's been very comforting to know that our creation of a store that had a very specific point of view has been recieved with such excitement. Our hopes are that our clients not only find "Great Mens Clothing" here but they realize the added value we bring to the shopping experience. It's exciting for me to now be a member of the Style Forum and I look forward to sharing my thirty years of knowledge and expertise on matters fashion and decorum and an opportunity to be informed of others sage advice. If in the case I don't respond in a timely fashion regarding a members query, it's only that assisting someone in looking great.
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I'll be sure to drop by. I actually walked by last night on my way home from work but you were closed. The store looks great. From what I saw from the window, everything looks great. Can't remember the last time I saw Loake's in Boston too. It must take a lot of will power to not to go to Elephant Walk for lunch everyday. Great food there.
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I have to add the the prices are extremely reasonable for the quality and exclusivity of merchandise offered as well - wonderful jackets and outerwear for under $400, and well constructed suits for under $800. I think that Gary does this by focussing on American brands, well known and niche, which decreases the costs, expecially considering the weak dollar vis a vis the Euro (and even the Canadian dollar.) You can get a great wool/cashmere jacket for the same money (or less) as you'd be paying for some crap from a cheapo Eurotrashy label like J.Lindeberg.
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