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Need a suggestion for Brown Shoes

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I am trying to build a wardrobe with quality clothing, so I don't have to replace things too quickly. Made that mistake a year or two ago when I came out of school. I need a pair of Brown lace up dress shoes that can coordinate well with a variety of pant colors. Any suggestion particularly on the color of brown. My price range is under $350. Thank you for any help or suggestions. My shoe size is 10.5 narrow.
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If you have to go retail, my advice would be Alden. Go to for the best selection on the web. You can try on Aldens for size in a lot of places, including Brooks Bros. If you can wait until January, Brooks Bros. will be putting everything in the store on sale (25% off).
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As you are asking for a dress shoe in brown I would tend to stick to the darker browns - I like lighter browns but believe they are a bit more casual and less flexible. I would try to stick to a goodyear welt construction, as you wanted durability. I would go with a nice cap toe preferably, or a wing-tip if that is your preference. I think Aldens are great, I personally prefer Allen Edmonds. Bennies shoes has had some Grensons at great prices, you could do a search for Grenson. (All goodyear welted). You could also look around at some of the English manufactured shoes - but those might trend above your range. There is a lot of good shoe advice on this board if you have more questions. Scott
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Don't buy those Aldens. They say boring. They say why didn't you take your time and find something you really liked.
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Brooks Brothers on sale would be a good route, the only problem is whether they would have shoes in a narrow size. With $350 you could certainly go Alden, or be patient for a shoe deal to appear. You'll likely hear about on this board when it happens. Word is (mentioned in an earlier thread) Bennies may get more Grensons. If you decide to go Allen Edmonds you could get two pairs with your $350 at an outlet, Nordstrom Rack or from their ebay store.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I looked through the Alden website, and unfortunately nothing jumped off the page. I went to Saks off 5th this weekend, and it is tough to find dress shoes in a narrow size. If anyone has any other links or pictures of suggestions that would be great. Again, thanks for all the help.
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Have you tried Mezlan?
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These'll do.
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While I am usually inclined to take a lady's advice, and Aldens tend toward the overly practical (not exciting) - if you're looking for a solid quality pair of reliable brown shoes for everyday use, you really can't go wrong with them/Allen Edmonds. If you want a little flair, you can get a split toe, or some brogueing. I'm 24, and I understand not wanting to look too "old-fashioned" (no offense, mature shoefolks), but IMHO you don't want to go too trendy for an everyday shoe. There are some very nice European lines that are a little flashier than the Americans, try Santoni. They may push your price limits at retail though. Maybe something like this. You mentioned you don't want to have to replace anything too quickly, the best remedy for that in my case was buying more shoes to rotate I have some lower end, mall shoes in my closet for variety and rest for my nicer pairs. Alexis, I hope you're kidding with the DnGs
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thanks for all the thoughts. Right now I am looking for something a little more conservative then Dolce. I work in a pretty conservative office.
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Alexis, I hope you're kidding with the DnGs
Thought I'd slip in some eel Dolces for hysteria. Really, though, Santoni is far more stylish than Alden. How do you manage to mention these two in the same post? How do I?
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"A friend" pick up a pair like these: But they were Zegna made by Ferragamo. Sweetness.
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Suede cap toes work with everything. Not too dressy, not too casual. Wear them with grey flannel, blue chalk stripe, you name it.
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Try some laceups by Costume National. Most of their models are nowhere as directional as anything by Dolce & Gabbana, the finishes are terrific, and their round and chiselled toed models have just enough design kick to keep you looking cool without looking like a fashion victim. There are plenty of choices on Yoox.
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I currently own a pair of the AE Park Ave in black, I saw on AE website three that might fit what I need. The Seneca, Hancock, and the Harrison. I am not sure how to create a link, but if any one is familiar with these I would love some thoughts. I would like to wear them with both tan color pants and navy, possibly even grey flannel. I already own a nice pair of slip on cordovan shoes, so I am trying trying not to overlapp too much. All this help has been great I appreciate it.
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