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Do you have a suede brush? That is the first thing to use. There are specific cleanign products for suede but ideally you treat them with Nano Protector when they are new/before you wear them.

Not sure if I would resole them with a leather soles, what about a Vibram?

Or just have them done with the crepe again?,-desert,-etc%29
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I know this is a massivly old thread - but any idea where I can get my hands on a pair of these? 

Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

New Kasmin, perforated oakwood?
I had my hopes up until I saw the perforation.

Know this is a massively old post - but any idea where I can get my hands on a pair of these Kasmin, perforated boots size 11 / 45?

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I found these in a thrift store recently. Brand new.


Any info on them? I know they're Red Ear and Made it Italy... that's it.





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I just saw a pair of  PS Atkins Double Monk Strap Cap Toe Oxfords about US$250. I haven't owned PS shoes before but was wondering if they are of a good price/quality.  The shoes are made in Italy and seem to be from the PS collection with Blake construction. Also, do you know who currently make PS collection shoes? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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The general quality of Paul Smith shoes is good. There are 2 lines: Mainline and PS, PS is considered the cheaper line but they will be made in the same factory and there is very little difference in quality between them, more of a case of style/design/finishing. They are making less Mainline styles now, some of the PS styles are based on some of the classic Mainline styles, Bertie is basically the Burton but at a lower price point. The full retail on PS is usually aroud £275, if you can get them for half that at Sale then they offer good value. They are not the quality as say Church's, Trickers or Crocket & Jones but then they are at a lower retail price.

If you like the double monk I think these are also worth looking at:

Italian made and also come in suede.
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ike_hiking_boots: Thanks for the education. These PS monks are selling at  285 Pounds on PS website, so per your comment. it's a good price at USD200. Mr. Hare monks are beautiful. Thanks for the advice and recommendation. I need to think about whether I should save up some more and get  Mr. Hare or jump on PS.  I just start to be interested in fine shoes.. I bought Grenson G line as my first pair, then AS Derby on sale for USD260 and Hardy Amies on sale for USD150 . I would like  to build a nice shoes collection. If you have any ore suggestions, please feel free

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If you can wait he Mr. Hare Monks will probably be discounted to 50%. I've owned Grenson, they have 2 lines, a made in Northampton line which top quality and a cheaper line which I think is made in india. They are good value for money at full retail. Suggestions? Can you get to Jermyn Street? That's where all the great shoe makers have their stores. I'm a huge fan of Edward Green, but I can not afford to buy them, one day…
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Thanks Ike_hiking_boots. The Grenson I bought was from the G line which is made in India but I got at on sale for about USD180 or about 124 GBP.  I also read abut Edward Green, Crocket and Jones. One day I hope I could own those.  I'm assuming Jermyn St. is in London? I live in the US so hopefully I'll remember to check it out next me time I visit UK. I'll be visiting Paris in a few months. Any thoughts on fine shoe makers in Paris?  Thanks for the tips for Mr. Hare as well. I'll keep checking the website. 

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The French are big fans of English shoes so there are many stores and outlets in Paris.
Edward Green: 199 bis, Boulevard St. Germain, Paris +33 (0) 1 53 63 47 50

You could try visiting this store in Paris:
which sells EG, John Lobb etc.

Crocket & Jones: 14 Rue Chauveau Lagarde, 75008 Paris

John Lobb has several stores in Paris.

French makers: J. M. Weston and Berluti come to mind, but forget Berluti, they're twice the price of EG.

There's a nice list French makers here:

I like Paraboot, they make some really great RTW. I believe UnionMade stock a wide range of their shoes.
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@ike_hiking_boots. Thank you so much for the info. I'll write this down. Have you heard of Officine Creative? what are your thoughts on it? I think it's French and i like it's patina style.

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Officine Creativ is an Italian shoe company. It doesn't really interest me although I'm sure the quality is good. Italy has a rich heritage of shoe making, The majority of Paul Smth shoes are made in Italy.
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Picked up a pair of white PS Ollis boots...

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Hi..hoping someone can provide some sizing advice re: the basso sneakers. For reference, I'm an 8.5 in Stan Smith, 9 in most other adidas and 8 in allen edmonds and Alden Barrie. Thx!
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I had a pair of the white Basso and I went TTS. I wear a UK 9.5 / 10 depending on brand. Basso only come in whole sizes so I went with a size 10 (EU 44). They are much wider in the toe box than Common Projects Achilles, I'd go to say they are more comfortable than Achilles as they have plenty of interior padding. They use the same Margom sole and are made in Italy. I actually ended up returning them as I wasn't to happy with some of the finishing on the leather, there were marks here and there and the colour was quite uneven, this seems to be a problem with the white Basso, the black ones seem fine.
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