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Official Paul Smith Shoe Thread... all PS shoe questions here - Page 318

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Received reply from PS today, no luck. I guess I'll continue lurking... 

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You could put a search alert in eBay then you don't have to look. Only problem is the seller needs to use the name of the shoes in the description.
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Yup, I have several active (worldwide) searches describing Cage shoes, so if anything even remotely appears, I receive an email. But that's about it, on all local sites and online shops I know search must be done manually, so I do it when I have the time. Same goes for forums.

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I doubt they would of made that many in the colour you're looking for. Good luck.
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I couldn't have imagined at the time that it would be so difficult to find a pair like this (not only PS), otherwise I would have bought two pairs immediately.

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I purchased a pair of red Rollins by mail order as soon as they came out (apparently Cage used the same Last as the Rollins - they do look very similar shape). But I found the facing had been made to short which made them unpractical for lacing. They went back. I loved the look of the Rollins and the colour was amazing, so it was a major disappointment. I ended up getting a pair of Paul Smith Marcello's in the red colour, and although they fit fine they're still in the box, unworn! I should sell them really but I doubt anyone will pay the full retail price, and I'd prefer to keep them than give them away – they are classics – will still look good in 10 years time.

Can you not just get the Cage resoled? I have the name of a company somewhere that I've used in the past - where you can mail-order the shoes in. The quality of what they do is better than high-street, like getting new shoes back.
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Oh no, my Cage shoes are in very good condition, I just wanted another pair for future use. If you can provide me with a name for that repair shop I would be grateful as I'm sure I will need it in future. I guess it's far from me, but better to spend a bit more money on shipping and keep my favorite shoes.


Can they do something about worn leather as well, or is it sole repair only?


I'll be lurking around here if a nice pair of off-white/ivory/cream shoes appear on sale...

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Lots of discounted shoes and boots. I like the Graysons, but not knowing how they fit, I'd rather not:


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I finally found a pair of PS Ernest shoes in navy, they arrived yesterday. Now I have a dilemma - should I reinforce the leather sole with one layer of rubber or should I just use them as is and put rubber layer once the sole has been thinned a bit? I did not do this on any other pair of shoes I have, but maybe I should...?


Thanks for info, here are some pics btw:



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Just wear them and get them resoled when they wear out.
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The folded seam on the toe-cap of those Ernest really reminded me of another brand, and then I saw these (PS Adrian) in Selfridges a couple of weeks ago:


Takes it to another level!
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Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting these: http://www.paulsmith.co.uk/uk-en/shop/mens/shoes/boots/men-s-dark-brown-suede-falconer-chelsea-boots.html

How would you rate their quality? There's a pair of Grenson at the same price which is higher in quality I'm sure, but I really love the shape of these boots. They have a more pointed edge and just look more elegant.

The question is, are they worth £200?

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They look like blake construction. It does not say where they are made, Most Paul Smith Shoes are made in Italy but there are PS not Mainline – although from what I've seen of recent there's not a huge diffrence between Mainline and PS quality any longer. They may be made in India? I would expect that the Grensons at £200 will be made in India, and will be similar quality.

£200 is cheap for a pair of leather shoes with a designer label IMO. I think the price is fine but you could wait to see if they go into Sale.
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