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It isn't advertised. They e-mail certain customers who've made purchases in the past.

You can walk in like you own the place and mention the sale and see what happens. wink.gif Or call the store and just say you got an e-mail about it.
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Oh is it only for in store purchases?  Not online?

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It's either or for VIP customers...
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this VIP sale preview must be just a USA thing as I've never heard of it happening here in the UK?
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Originally Posted by errorspending View Post

Thanks!  I can't find any other info on Castor online.  oh well. I love the shoes.

How do you get access to the VIP sale?

I also had a look online and there's no mention.

Paul Smith produce dozens of designs each season - it could be that this style was only ordered by a few stores and never made it onto the online site - I don't remember ever seeing them before I saw them in the Sale store.
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PS Private Sale is 50% of rtw and shoes.
I got a card in the mail. The card says non-tranferable and you must present it at time of sale.
They've been doing these things for a while. One time a while ago I was in store before the private sale started and was able to
pick a few things and they shipped them to me when the sale started.

Somewhere back in this thread I think people who didn't get the card tried calling in but were shot down.
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They send out a card to UK customers on their mailing list which gives you 50% discount as opposed to 30% discount when the Sale starts.
The T&C's do vary - sometimes you can only use the card once. Of course after the first 2 weeks of the sale most stuff is further to reduced to 50% - but it gives you the opportunity to snap that item up before it might sell out. There was a time when they used to make a final reduction of around 75% during the last week / weekend of the sale, but that has long gone.
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Kennedy derby

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damn 75% of would be amazing...I would spend like crazy I'm sure...though they probably never had any 8UK for final sale...except maybe those crazy sandals someone posted a couple pages back!

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I officially caught the Paul Smith shoe sickness from this thread....thanks everyone


Recent purchases over the past 5 weeks!   and I still want more....


Paul Smith - Assam.JPG


paul smith - Castor.JPG


Paul Smith - Minellis.JPG


Paul Smith - Starr.JPG

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Can anyone comment on the fit of the Millers? I usually wear a 12 in most shoes. My pair of MMM GATs are a 45.
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I just tried some on yesterday and they fit true to size for me, pretty perfectly actually.  I would have liked the balmoral V to close a little more at the top, but I have a pretty high instep so that is normal for me across the board..


I think I"m gonna throw my Starrs back up on ebay...those things are so pointy!  Not sure why everyone loved them so much on this thread.   They look good in pictures but not on my feet. 

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There's a 70% off shoes sale going on at the Paul Smith Sale Shop in Brooklyn. Well, there was yesterday at any rate. I imagine it's through the weekend. Selection was pretty well divided between mainline and PS Paul Smith stuff. Plus pretty much every kind of sneaker, if that's your thing.
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So I guess these Starrs are not passable on me right?  That's about as far as I can close the laces comfortably...So much for Paul Smith running large.  These are in my usual shoe size and they feel comfortable like this, but not looking so hot. 


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Hard to tell from the pic. Doesn't look terrible, not all shoes come together to completely hide the tongue.
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