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Chestnut/Tan Shoes....coordinating

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I have come accross a great pair of AE Chestnut shoes the other day and couldn't pass them up. This is actually my second pair in that color, but I seem to struggle finding something to wear with them. I tend to think that I do a pretty good job of dressing myself, but when I pick up these shoes and try to lay out something to go with them my brain goes dead (and yes, quite often I choose my outfit starting with the shoes that I am in the mood for). I work in a business casual setting, though I typicall dress a little nicer (flat front wool pants, nice dress shirt, sometimes a sweater over top in the winter). I have blue eyes, light brown hair, am fair skinned (white, errr caucasion) and do well with both pastels and fall colors. Any recommendations into what color pants etc. these work best with would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Henry P. Boogers
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In my opinion you could wear the shoes with almost any traditional trouser colour as long as the shirt was well thought out also. My personal preference, because I believe the AE Chestnuts are absolutely beautiful, is to wear something with quite a bit of contrast so the shoes don't fade. So I would tend away from other khaki like colors. Anything with brown is easy, black is good but tricky and unconventional, blues, olives. I probably would not wear grey however. Enjoy the AE's, Scott
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A navy pinstripe suit/pair of trousers would look stunning with the shoes.
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Chestnut is different than tan. Are you talking about a sort of reddish brown hue? If so, I think these work best with gray and charcoal, and with navy as well (though personally I like darker brown with navy).
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I think  the color is called is a fairly light tan:
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I wear that color all the time (just bought some RL in tan making my fourth in that palette.) I like them with grey flannels and a matching belt. Olives, blues and darker browns work. During the summer, I wear them with whites a lot, too.
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These shoes (which I also own) are perfect with grey of medium value .
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i wear mine with jeans sometimes. but i have my doubts about the 'appropriateness' of that choice. oh well, dorky is as dorky does. /andrew
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The A-Es in chestnut that I have seen have been almost a bright yellow, much more "gaudy," if you will, than the color in Henry Boogers' posting. It is my least favorite of the A-E colors. If A-E would offer several of their models availiable in chestnut--the Troy and the Fairfax in particular, in some shade of brown or chili--I'd buy 'em in a heartbeat.
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