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Got my EG belt during the January sale, 42 Pounds cut to measure.
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I would really love a tortoise-shell belt buckle. I'd like a plain rectangular buckle in mottled shell with a solid yellow gold frame around.
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Andrea d' Amico

are both adequate and satisfactory
style and quality wise for me.
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a while back I bought 2 romano martegani alligator belts for under 100$ a piece. They are not Hermes but definately a steal at that price.

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There's been some talk in this thread about Edward Green belts. I ordered one a couple of years ago and must say that I was completely underwhelmed with it. I paid something on the order of $150 for it (not on sale), and it appears to be about the same quality as my Allen-Edmonds belts that I purchased for much less. It's a standard 1 1/8"-wide edge-stitched belt with a very plain--and not terribly attractive--short and rounded brass buckle. The leather's probably fine, but doesn't seem exceptional in any way. The stitching is fine, the holes are round, but it's very ordinary. Perhaps the one advantage of an EG belt, if one has EG shoes, is that you can match the leather of the belt to your shoes--if you're so inclined.

At about the same time that I got the EG belt, I purchased a Crockett & Jones belt from PLal, and it cost something like $120. It seems to be about the same quality as the EG, but has a much nicer buckle (at least to my eye)--longer, rectangular, with more squared corners and a nice raised end-piece. Still, after all is said and done, neither seems in any clearly-visible way superior to my A-E belts.
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Regarding the way a gentleman has to wear his belt: is it really a rule to use the hole that is positioned exactly between the other holes so that at both sites of the used hole the same number of holes exist?
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I purchased an AE belt - calf in walnut color - for $100 to match a pair of AE shoes. The belt scuffs very easily and has a cracked look around where I fasten it due to light use. Although I've been happy with the quality of their shoes, I am very disappointed with the quality of this belt.
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I found some Ettinger (London) belts here: http://www.ettinger.jp/shopping/inde...t=4&model=BELT Are these top-quality belts?
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I bought a reversible Gap belt once. The leather dye stained/ruined some shirts before I caught it. Since then I picked up a Tumi belt and some Barney's house brands. The Tumi's the best quality and only 100 bucks.
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I've had great luck with Cole-Haan and Ralph Lauren. Just picked up a RLPL alligator one with a sterling buckle that is VERY nice!
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Hi all,

I don't think anyone's mentioned this brand yet: The nicest belt I own is a plain black one from Fratelli Rossetti, bought at their store in Antwerp. Not cheap (though also nowhere near as expensive as some of the designer names mentioned here) but wonderful quality leather and very nicely stiched, with an elegant buckle. They have lots of nice designs.

I have a couple of cheap jeans-type belts from WE that are holding up very well after years of use (can't beat the WE stores for simple basics IMHO ).
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I have used leathergoodsconnection.com a few times. I really like their stuff!
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For me. Love Hermes Belts. Also Prada & Cartier Belts.
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I want to answer this in two parts: what I look for in quality belts, and who I think are the best.

#1. Top quality belts have a few key similarities. Most important is the necessity for one piece of supple leather. Cheaper belts are made from thinner pieces of rougher "split" leather glued together to feign quality and thickness. To me, the second key factor is buckle weight. Brass and silver are both nice and heavy. Third, is the leather treatments. The best manufacturers have clever ways of dying, softening, distressing, so create the perfect look - whether you're going for a clean belt to go with slacks or a suit, or a vintage or embellished belt to wear with your jeans.

#2. Who are the best manufacturers? In my view, there are only two belt manufacturers fighting for the right to be called "best." Brave belts from Canada, and the brand I manage, Bill Adler, from Oregon (Bill Adler also makes all of Nike Inc's belts, hence our Oregon headquarters). Brave & Bill Adler both have belts as their core business, which allows focus and attention to detail. The big brands, for which belts are a secondary business, just don't seem to care as much about belts.
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