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just got me a Rock n Republic belt and its awesome. Very unique.
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I thought this would be obvious.

Abercrombie and Fitch
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The best belts that I've worn are those made my holster makers. However, they are usually extremely thick since they are designed to hold a holster with a pistol inside.
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I wish I would have saved the copy of Southwest Artist that had a brief article about a very talented belt maker who made beautiful sterling silver buckles ( obviously western style) but extremely beautiful sueded alligator. The photo they had was drool worthy.

I would have never thought that someone would give that treatment to alligator or croc.
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Originally Posted by Minkous View Post
From my experience I find Trafalgar belts to be a great quality belt for the money. They have an array of styles, widths, leathers, buckles, and they can even be customized thru the company. Not to mention i was fairly impressed with their american alligator skin belts.

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Paolo Vitale do some nice belts. Heavy brass buckles and stylish leather. Unfortunately they glue them together but I've used one of their belts daily for two years and it still looks good. Good quality for a decent price it seems.
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Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs View Post
Martin Dingman belts at the Nordstrom Rack.

+ 1 Really nice belts. Make sure the model has a solid brass buckle. I bought one that didn't and the finish came off within a few weeks.

I do like the reversible buckles on Ferragamo belts.
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Originally Posted by dinka View Post
just got me a Rock n Republic belt and its awesome. Very unique.

Where did you get it? I am looking for some clean, classic black and brown ones.
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Originally Posted by iammatt View Post
You asked for a negative comment. I am nothing, if not a people pleaser . I love Hermes leather goods and certain pocket squares. I just dislike their ties... with a passion.

I love the silk of Hermes' ties, but just don't like their designs - snails, clowns, etc. on ties???
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Originally Posted by gvibes View Post
I'm working in a lot lower price range than most of you folks, but I love my belts from

Thanks! Just what i was looking for!
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I own brown black RL belts that I got from Marshalls for $25 each. They're made of Italian leather with sterling buckles and retailed for $125. Pretty good for the price--they have held up great and look really good. My 8 year old jeans belt from Gap has also held up well.
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Originally Posted by caelte View Post
The best belt maker is Bill Julian. He is better than Bea. Bea and Bill are the top.
There are no others that compare. Fleming's comes in after that but in a different category. Fleming's uses Hermes skins. They will send samples. It can take awhile to get a belt from Bill or Bea. Fleming's is very fast and cheaper as well. Fleming's belt is the one that most other belt makers have copied. What hasn't been copied are the fabulous skins Bob, the owner of Fleming's, goes to Paris to buy. Their service is wonderful. Belts are their business.

The ones House of Fleming's sell at NM in Atlanta suck and are pieced together terribly.
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
Actually, I'm sure Montblanc's leather goods used to be decent, as they were made by Seeger. Its continuing expansion probably means that corners will be cut. But my problem with them is their wretched logo-ing.

And I don't have a problem with DuPont; their stuff seems nice although it's incredible they haven't gone out of business yet as they make huge losses.

ABP Paris does do belts. I recently took delivery of a shagreen travel frame from them since the person making them for Aubercy went out of business, and the Aubercy shagreen frame was much nicer both in quality of leather and of make. Someone told me Duret makes most of Aubercy's non-shoe/glove leathergoods, but apparently shagreen is handled by someone else. Correction: was.

Still, most of the other ABP stuff I've seen looks pretty good.

I was happy with my Edward Green belts, although they've somehow tripled in price the last few years. Hermes is nice... Anthony Delos will do bespoke belts, with the antiquing you wish for... I like my RJ patent leather belt as well and Longhi makes a good belt too.

Where to get Longhi belts in the USA? I saw these at Bel y Cie in barcelona and thought they were nice.
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Have 5 Gator, 3 Shell Alden's, Coach's, Shark's (were my Dad's) Ostrich and leather of course from Cows. Just got my belt from and it makes all of my others seem "lacking" from the quality of the Cognac Gator, construction, silver buckles which he makes himself! I am ruined---getting a black one and he is making a sting ray band for my Panerai. Sending him one of my spares along with some hardware as soon as my wife brings it home for a pattern.

Have spoken with John several times and he is very customer oriented. Anyone else have any of his stuff???
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Originally Posted by finch View Post
Not certain what factors in but I will say this, out of all my belts Prada, Gucci, CK, Boss etc. the two that I always go back too are the two I bought from Banana Republic one black and one brown. Both are simple clean suit belts, with all the wear and tear all the stitching is intact, no pulls in the holes nor have they scuffed from my BlackBerry holster.

Wait - those amazing stylemeisters aren't the best. You gotta be kidding me.
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