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2 Hours in Chicago

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I will have 2 free hours tomorrow, during which I will be in the middle of the Magnificient Mile. I would like to do some high-end shoe shopping (EG, Santoni, CJ, etc.). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Last time I was there, Neiman Marcus in Water Tower place had some decent stuff, not sure if they still do...
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chicago isn't much of a shoe town, but if you have a general interest in men's clothes, i recommend that you stop by george greene on oak street, just to the west of the north end of the mag mile.
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Also, try Marshall-Fields on State Street. The Henry Jacobson Collection has the right colors for me.
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I second George Green, and also you might want to check out Paul Stuart. edit - whoops, a little late. How did it go?
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Paul Stuart. Even if you don't like their shoes, the rest of the store is bound to have something you will like. Every time I go to Paul Stuart, I find myself longing for their $1800 silk brocade robes. So decadent, so wonderful, but I can't quite bring myself to buy one. Lots of lustful stuff in their store. Kai
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Tod's has, or at least had, a boutique on north of Bloomingdale's and just west of Michigan. I don't think it was Oak, maybe Chestnut? Allen-Edmonds is on Michigan somewhere around Ohio. Cole-Haan is on Michigan just north of Erie (and next to Niketown, of course). Oak St. and Rush are not really the Magnificent Mile, but close proximity enough. This is where the boutiques are.
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