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Armani Exchange?

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Whats the difference between Armani Exchange and just plain Armani. Is there a difference in quality? There are some shirts on the armani exchange website I want to buy but I dont want to buy something that will look like crap after one wash.
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I'll try to respond politely, as I'm sure there will be a plethora of mean-spirited jokes to come.

Yes, there's a large difference in quality. I don't really know what you mean by "will look like crap after one wash." If you wash almost any garment carefully, it will be fine.

That said, I can't understand what anybody would see in any of their clothes. I'm sure the forum will echo my sentiment.
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I won't stir up the shitpot either and I honestly doubt there will be more than minor flaming as this person seems to be genuinely unaware of the horrible product that is produced by A/X.

To the OP: there are three or more lines of Armani (Armani Collection[I am aware that is the english translation but I have forgotten how to spell the word in italian], Emporio Armani, maybe something else, and Armani Exchange). Armani Exchange is the lowest quality and I am not sure that Georgio Armani even has anything to do with it. It is cheap and ugly clothing that makes you look stupid in any situation. If you need cheap staples you should shop somewhere that does not brand their clothing quite so garishly. The fits are nothing special either. Never go there again.
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i think giorgio armani is the most expensive and distinguished armani line, followed by a. collezioni, emporio armani, armani jeans and a/x at the very bottom. as far as i know its not designed by armani himself as d&g is not made by stefano dolce and domenico gabbana. you can call it a sub line i guess
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speaking of D&G, their latest s/s gear is pretty nice. The menswear suffers from good looking preppy gear that has big D&G crests sewn onto the chests, but the overall designs look very Ralph Lauren-y

The wimminswear they did right...the same "tennis club" aesthetic but no logos anywhere and really awesome stuff for the girls.

Tho D&G and A/X are 2 completely different beasts. A/X is basically the Gap with Armani's name licensed out to it. D&G is more like Emporio Armani, a basic designer diffusion brand that still commands designer prices.
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Mass diffusion. It was a Japanese company that licensed his name; not sure what it is now. Most of it is crap, but there are occasional gems (mostly low key copies of Japanese pieces, most of that outerwear). Not worth it at all at retail, but on sale, some of it's not bad. edit: what GS said. D&G is higher quality and commands appropriately higher prices.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart View Post
A/X is basically the Gap with Armani's name licensed out to it.
also worth noting that its the preferred clothing supplier to these fine gentlemen:
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Buying things retail at Armani Exchange is just stupid to me. There is nothing special about A|X in cuts, details, or quality. It isn't the worst brand around by any means, but at the same time their price points are just outrageous. It's like walking into the Gap and paying 2 or 3x as much for the same item just because it is "Armani".

So to answer your question: There is a huge difference between Armani's other labels and A|X.
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OMG please never post that pic again! (puke)
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Giorgio Armani
Armani Collezioni
Emporio Armani
Armani Jeans

A/X Armani Exchange
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I know everyone's throwing hate at the brand, but they have some nice (albeit rare) pieces thrown in every once in a while. Their simple outerwear (pea coats, trenches) and sometimes accesories (that aren't plastered in A|X) are decent, but not great, buys on sale.
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Generally not that good, especially since they started branding GIGANTIC logos over everything. About 6 years ago their clothes were a lot more subtle I think. You can still find some decent jackets/coats that might be worth it on sale.
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i dont like it. i think abercrombie has better stuff. their giant logos are really stupid.
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Their button-down shirts are short and slim-fitting, suitable for wearing untucked.
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Damn. They had a nice black Slimfit button down shirt for $68. I guess I have to find some place else then.
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