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oxford shirts

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I'm interested to hear what all our distinguished forum members have to say about oxford button-down shirts from various purveyors, including but not limited to: Brooks Brothers Lands' End L.L.Bean Polo Ralph Lauren Good weekend, everyone. (According to Paul Fussell, one should then respond: "Thanks, but I have other plans".)
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I really like the Brooks Bros. oxford button down shirts. I have one in French Blue that I think I've owned for over 12 years.
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Just about all of mine are ralph lauren yarmouth oxfords. I think that is what they are called. They aren't anything special, i like the way they feel. I've been wearing them forever it seems.
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I have had one Yarmouth from RL that I returned soon after buying. It was my size collar and sleeves, but the body was absolutely enormous. My only other oxford cloth shirt was from RLPL, and it was a pinpoint oxford dress shirt, not really the Trad buttondown you're talking about.
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Does anyone know what's the difference between the Oxford Yarmouth (sized in precise neck/sleeve lenghts) and the Oxford Blake (sized in SMLXL) button-down oxford shirts? Also, how much trimmer is the custom cut from Ralph Lauren? I checked with Lands' End and I was surprised to find out that their trim cut was merely 0.5 inches trimmer at the chest and 3 inches trimmer at the waist.
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I can only speak about the Ralph Lauren Oxford, where Polo seems to get a bad reputation on here. I own several in many different colors and think they are great. They seem to fit and have help up great after tons of washes. I have tried the custom fit and regular fit and love both. I wear them with jeans, khakis, and even blzers and sportcoats. They always seem to fit well and I whink would be worth giving a try.
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I have some blake shirts as well. The material is smoother, not like the material on a standard oxford. I can't think of a way to describe it right now. On a traditional oxford the material has more texture; tha blake shirts do not have much texture.
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Regarding RL shirts: The Blake shirt is extremely oversized. I accidentally bought a blake SMALL shirt, and it felt like a large. I think Polo uses "names" instead of sizes, hehe.... I love the BB oxford shirts. I just wished they did more in the slim fit version.
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I tried to find a pink pinpoint oxford at the local BB and was told that I had no idea what I was talking about (this by an assistant manager type...) So long. I'll wear out the ones I bought in the late 80s. I have a friend who swears by the Land's End Hyde Park. And he is always nattily attired in heans or flannels.
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errr. . "jeans"
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