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hell house

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I just rented "Saved" yesterday, and it was one of the funniest movies I've seen. Really great one liners. It would be even funnier if so much wasn't true. But, what exactly did they mean when they were talking about 'hell house', a christian version of a haunted house. What exactly would they have to scare you?
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A buddy of mine told me about this documentary he saw about a fundamentalist Christian haunted house. It showed people ODing on drugs, what people looked like in drunk driving accidents, a classroom shooting, a girl get conned into date rape (all obviously acted and fake). There was one room where the audience would see a guy in the hospital dying of AIDS because he was homosexual, and Satan came in the room and taunted him. All kinds of crazy, crazy stuff to scare people into believing in the message of the fundamentalist group that put the house together.
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This is it. It's fascinating. http://www.amazon.com/exec....=507846 Dan
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Here's a story in the wash post. Very scary. "Saved" was much better than I expected, despite the pretty bald anti-xian agenda. They seemed very careful not to out and out condemn born-again christians, but their cartoonish generalizations were over the top at times. Best line for me came when two characters see a third leaving a Planned Parenthood: Boy: What's she doing at Planned Parenthood? Girl: There's only one reason a good Christian girl goes to the clinic. Boy: To plant a pipe bomb?
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So, does this hell house come off as cheesy or genuinely scary. Its hard to tell from the article. Its ironic that the same groups that would deny Halloween to children are putting together what is basically a haunted house. The movie 'Saved' is a real gem. I don't think it really had a anti-christian agenda. The priest's son come off as a pretty cool guy, who's also a christian. Sure, it makes fun of some aspects of evangelicals. But, the reason it works is because so much of its satire is true and dead on- the priest who tries to act all hip to appeal to teenagers. I'm sure we've all seen those. And, there really are Mercy Houses around. My favorite line is when Jena Malone's character races home to find out if she's pregnant. From watching the Lifetime movie, she knows she's either pregnant or got cancer. And, she keeps on saying "I hope I have cancer. I hope I have cancer." Another classic is Maccauly Caulkin who's in a wheelchair, who has a sing "Will dance for money".
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