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It's gonna start to get cold soon and I need leather gloves. Now I have socks that have the seams done by hand so that you don't notice they're there, but does anyone know who makes gloves in the same way? Even at upscale stores, I haven't found a pair I like; they're never as comfortable as they should be. When it comes to gloves it seems like they always have huge bins or somethign with the same generic products in it. Can anyone recommend some nice gloves that are hand stitched so that they're actually comfortable to wear? The only thing i can think of atm is the Hermès store in Holt Renfrew although I don't know if I'd be able to stomach the exorbitant prices I'm sure they'll demand.
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I would expect that a nice pair of custom-made gloves would cost less than the ones at Hermes. I'm sure there are plenty of places in Canada that will do them, if you ask. My other suggestion is a rather unlikely source for leathergoods: Zegna. I wouldn't have been able to survive a Viennese winter without their brown suede gloves. Very, very comfy. Peace, JG
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Try Trussardi. Although, I'm not absolutely positive, I think they still make custom-made gloves. Trussardi originally started as a glove maker. There's some other Italian company too that's famous for its gloves as well. However the name slips me. It's something like "Serinella" or "Serafina"...can't remember the name.
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if i were buying another pair of gloves, it would be boarskin (i think peccary is the technical term, but i'm no expert), unlined, from the Ben Silver catalogue. they also have a few other skins/ styles, esp cashmere lined. highly recommend. www.bensilver.com
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