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Costumes for children

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Nice. The Republicans and Ralph Nader supporters on the forum are going to be all over you though.
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Oh, bring them on.
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Only a good idea if your child is trick or treating in Berkeley, Cambridge, or certain sections of Manhattan.  Otherwise, he or she may get a very unpleasant "treat."
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The western hostage almost looks like something off the Hedi Slimane runway last spring.
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The one with Nancy Reagan is certainly in good taste isn't it. I guess these days anyone can be mocked, even an old woman who lost her husband.
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Oh, pretty much all of them are entirely tasteless. Several are pretty funny, though.
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The Stranger has never been known for sticking to highbrow intellectual humor, nor for nonpartisanship. I ordinarily enjoy it (especially when I'm mentioned in it. ) but I had to sit this issue out because it is totally full of election stuff, which I'm trying my hardest to avoid.
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