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Heading to NYC this weekend

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I had travelling to NYC this weekend as my wife and I are attending a wedding of a friend. Other than the must see places for me (Polo Mansion, Paul Stuart, BG, BB), can those in the know recommend and other places to visit, including ones open on Sunday? I am hearing nice things about Century 21 but have never been there and don't know where exactly it is. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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its NYC, everything is open Sunday. Century 21 is basically across the street from where the World Trade Center was. If you can get down there, you will find it.
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You have already have a interesting list of places to visit and other potential places to visit would be Paul Stewart or Barneys. Both of these establishments are on Madison Avenue with Stewarts on 45 street and Barneys on 61 street.
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Is there still that Brooks Brothers store in lower Manhattan? The next block over from Century 21? It's not the flagship, so it's nowhere near the same 'experience', but if you're pressed for time, or if your wife is tired of dragging all over town with you, it could be a way to compromise and kill two stores in one trip...
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I believe that the downtown Brooks was in the WTC. Not sure if another one has opened since.
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they've reopened the downtown brooks brothers.. directly across from the wtc site..
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The downtown BB was never in the world trade center. The original, which I beleive sustained a bit of damage, has reopened. Its one block downtown of Century 21. Its not nearly as good as 346 Madision though.
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I thought it was in that mall under the WTC, where Borders was. Perhaps there were two?
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"In 1976, Brooks Brothers finally settled in its present downtown home, at One Liberty Plaza, where it occupies 16,000 square feet on two levels. A mere stone's throw from the World Trade Center, the downtown shop was devastated during the attacks of 9/11. With its glass façade blown out and layers of debris clouding the entire building, the once clubby environment became home to a club of a decidedly different sort, a center for rescue and recovery operations. During the year that the downtown store was closed, its three-dozen employees remained on payroll and many were relocated to other stores. When the store reopened, some chose to return to this shop, the one that they viewed as their home." Jon. (Please pardon my emotion post icon, there is nothing humorous about what I posted, it's just my standard is all.)
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I thought it was in that mall under the WTC, where Borders was.  Perhaps there were two?
There was one across the street, east of Century 21, on the ground floor of the Deutche Bank bldg, I want to say Liberty Plaza (don't quote me here). The building sustained heavy damage and will be/or was demolished. I cannot recall if there was one in the actual WTC mall (which had one of the highest sales per square foot of any mall in the country). Retail is slowly picking up again, some stores are relocating to the World Financial Center, I saw Banana Republic has a store there now.
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[b]Two words:Bergdorf Goodman's on Fifth Avenue for the best New York clothes shopping experience.Then you've got Barney's not far away,Zegna next door to Bergdorf's,Brioni,Kiton,etc.They all have their specialty shops,but if you hit Barney's and Bergdorf's you'll see a great cross section of the best of the best.I think Bergdorf's is quite posh and interestingly laid out.I go once or twice a year,have a charge account with them,and they always make you feel like a valued customer,which cannot be said about the rest of the high end shops.
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Not sure if shoes are high on your list, but opposite the 72st Ralph Lauren store is Lattanzi, which affords great window shopping. Half a block to the south is Santoni, which has exquisite Fatte a Mano on display. Two blocks over on Lexington (btw 72 and 73rd) is Jay Kos, with lots of Edward Green (as well as terrific, albeit costly, clothes).
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1) there's a brooks brothers also on 5th ave in the 50s..but go to madison ave store for the atmosphere 2) zegna store no longer by bergdorf;it has relocated further down 5th ave 3) bergdorf and barneys carry pretty much the same lines 4)across the street from barneys 60th street entrance there's the borrelli shop 5) domenico vacca (also in soho) can be found on 5th ave between 59th & 60th streets 6)saks has very nice mens dept but pretty similar in mechandise to barneys & bergdorf 7)soho has some edgy and mall type stores but there are also domenico vacca,kabay.both have beautiful itlalian classic clothing; kabay at more affordable prices than the former hope this has been of assistance..have's a great place to shop
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THANKS, ALL. Now my next question is - how do I lose the wife for 4-5 hours so I can shop in peace?
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Also, Kiton is on 54th between 5th & Madison. There're 2 Brioni stores, 54 btw Mad. & Park, and 57 btw Mad. & Park. T&A, Oxxford on 57th across the street from Brioni John Lobb couples of block north of Barneys and across the street is Hermes flagship. Further north is J M Weston. The list is endless. Basically, there're 3 major corridors where most of the major hitters are: Madison btw 57th and low 70's, Fifth btw 49th & 59th, 57th btw Fifth & Park. Plus there's a new Filene's Basement on 14th and Union Square, they have some Oxxfords just came in.
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