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What's the cheapest suit you have seen?

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As the title said, what's the cheapest brand new suit you have seen (or maybe even bought...)? I came across this corner stall with many suits hanging, and all of them cost SGD$30 each, which should be about US$18... I tried one of them on, and it seems the fit was perfect*. Material wise, it is rough, more suitable for winter; I can't say what it is, been completely ignorant about materials. Winter, sadly, does not exist here. It's 30 degrees celsius all the way. * It seems off-the-rack clothing always seem to have a good size for me, even suits. Actually, things are sold quite cheaply here but are of high-quality, as long as they are not brand name ones (which would follow the exchange rate.). I have yet to see a suit here costing above S$600 (US$353), and the usual rate for made-to-measure (even bespoke) is around S$250-S$350 (US$157 - US$206), even for popular tailors located in the business districts. Materials could raise the prices, but it is nevertheless cheaper. WJTW
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Sorry I can't figure out what country you refer to.
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I think he means Singapore
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WJTW> I am based in Singapore. I would say that tailors in the business district (I presume you mean the Raffles Place/Shenton Way area) generally charge more than what you have written (S$250 - S$350). I know for a fact they are cheap (by Western standards) but not that cheap. We also have to consider the amount of handiwork which goes into a suit. A true bespoke suit usually has a lot of handiwork. And it is almost a given that materials will need to be of at least a decent quality. Suits which fall into the bracket you mentioned probably have neither. Yes, it's possible to get suits "tailored" for that kind of money (in places like Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore) but I suspect it is not going to be a very good suit. Just my personal opinion.
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One time I was buying some gift certificates at the cashier of Century 21. That's a big, discount store in downtown Manhattan. A gentleman was buying 3 Alan Flusser sportscoats on sale for about $30 each. These were the RTW made by Coppley and which used to be sold in Saks. It was the very end of the winter sale season, and Century had dropped its prices on winter goods to get rid of them. The gentleman asked me if it was a good deal. I told him it was. I told him that he's paying less for the 3 sportscoats than he would spend for a necktie at Flusser's shop.
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