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New vass budapest

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I received a Vass Budapest Derby in Cognac Scotch Grain today.  Mssr Harris and Halmos were most helpful in getting these shoes to me. At first they appeared visually way too long.  I wear a Edward Green 8(UK) F and Weston 8 E.  The Vass are size 42, which is I size I wear from other makers. The Budapest fit just a 1/4" longer then my EGs and Westons giving me about 3/4" space from my big toe to the tip of the shoe.  The width is alittle snug at the ball, but not tight.  There is ample toe room.  The heal fits nicely, with no slippage.  For a new double sole shoe slippage is somewhat common. With my EGs and Westons I find a new shoe ought to fit just alittle snug, like a glove.  For those of you who just received Vass shoes are your finding the shoe eases in the ball with breaking in?
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I'm glad they fit.. Before I get in trouble here, the Budapests that we sold JRH were samples, not special-orders. Samples will become available form time to time if you are the right size.
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AH: Answer please.  Should the shoe ease in the ball area?  Based on my discrpition of the fit, could I do better if I obtain an additional pair of Vass through retail?  Or is this the best fit for RTW.  A 42.5 would have been too long. I am most happy to have been afforded the chance to sample the goods.
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Please, put those of us in a size 7 1/2 E on the list of samples.
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My bespoke Budapests were quite snug when I first tried them on, and they loosened up to be very comfortable. I would expect your shoes to do the same. In your post you described the fit as "a little snug at the ball, but not tight." Sounds like the fit isn't bad as it stands. I'm guessing with wear they will become quite comfortable. But that is your call to make. You may want to send a message to jcusey and clarinetplayer - they both have Budapests.
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Those are nice shoes. Look fantastic with jeans.
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