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I looked at that same suit/color, but unfortunately they don't have my size.  I ended up getting this one in charcoal/blue instead...




Interestingly, the model doesn't correspond to anything listed here...



Seems to have the typical Isaia fit - unstructured, slightly roped shoulders and closely fitted through the waist - but the suit is lacking many of the typical Isaia details: the lining is plain with no logos, nor are there logos around the inside waist of the pants or under the lapel.  For the price, I'm not concerned, and other than those few details, it's well made with the same hand stitching, surgeon's cuffs, etc. that one would expect.  It's comfortable and moves well, and the material is soft.  Most importantly, it fits nicely.  The armholes are a bit higher than the norm, but not quite as high as I'd prefer.

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So I just bought this suit:


and I'm beginning to have doubts. That label model doesn't really go with any of the other Base "S"s that I have or have seen.

Can anyone ease my concerns?
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It's real. The 'Base Sand' pops up once in a while. It's a saks exclusive model. More info here:

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I saw a comment on one of the Sierra Trading Post reviews which said that many of the Isaia suits they carry are made from leftover cloth from special orders.  Isaia makes the suits with plain linings and different tags to distinguish them from their regular line, then they sell these to STP, and perhaps others.  I wonder if there is any truth to that - it does match my experience with the suit above.

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Appreciated. That answer was as definitive as it was concise.
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