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What shirt to wear

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I am the type that if I am wearing a sports jacket or suit I always wear a tie. I've decided to go tie-less to an event I will be attending. I will be wearing a navy Ralph Lauren SB two-button suit, it has faint pinstripes. I will be wearing cordovan shoes and belt. Since I have decided not to wear a tie I have been told that I should try a colored shirt instead of the white oxford I had planned on. I don't want to look too out there but would like to stand out somewhat. Any opinions of ideas? thanks
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i would wear a lavender shirt, but i dont know if that would work with all skin tones.. pink would work too... whatever color you do choose i would try to stick to a light, maybe even pastel tone
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Definitely a pale pink shirt, if you've go the rocks for it. Nothing looks better navy blue. Some bozos will think you look gay, but if you're not, the ladies (excepting the type that like the lughead type) will like it (shows confidence + looks good), and most guys will give you props. If you are in fact gay, no problems.
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Thanks for the replies. I have this Pink-Coral shirt that I wear pretty often b/c I like the way it works with different colors. I think I'll pick up a more pastel or lighter pink shirt and see which I like best. I'm not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that, but some of my simple friends like to make fun of me for some of the colors I wear But they wear denim and t-shirts everywhere so I really don't care about their opinion. lol Thanks again
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Just out of curiosity, aren't pinks and pastels better suited for the spring and summer? Does anyone else concur? Btw, I echo the pink recommendation. Purple is a real winner if you're wearing a medium to charcoal gray suit. If you can pull off reds, a nice burgundy or burgundy/white herringbone might also work nicely.
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