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Originally Posted by Caesar Augustus View Post
I love my girlfriend, my job, and that I am getting my MAT in teaching history.

hehe I also love my gf , my passion in hoops ........ but not work
Software Development
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post
I swear to all that is holy punching you in your face for belittling the alma mater would make me so happy. I'd be all Klitschko to your Briggs too.
Careful. The man smokes sausage.
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Originally Posted by Butter View Post
I could careless bout what random people say on an internet forum. Actually, I sort of pity you. You have to pay to get people to talk to you at work. Even on this past Saturday afternoon, you were desperate for attention. Your daily post count is a clear indicator of your loneliness and perhaps how much work you do. Do you need a penpal or something? I got hookups for people like you.
Lulz. I'm so glad you were there to talk to during a lull in my activities.
Originally Posted by kwilkinson View Post
Lol. Dude. Piobaire is big. And I don't mean big as in fat. I mean big as in, jesus fucking christ i'm happy this guy has my back when we're out drinking together.
Summin' tells me I've been punched by meaner doods that Edina. Not that I'm looking for anyone to punch me anymore. Old, fat, and happy
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I got an incredible blowjob the other night from the girlfriend. Balances out the fact I can't find a job.
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Finally fixed the trunk of my car so it isn't so ghetto
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I dusted off the golf clubs today (literally) and went and played 18 holes at the local country club in a tournament to benefit our local high school. Fortunately it was a best-ball scramble, but I still hit a few nice shots and had a great time. The dinner at the end was pretty good as well.
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Originally Posted by edinatlanta View Post
Did having Coach Curry as my avatar not give it away?

haha. i went to the opener, it was legit. did you go there for undergrad or masters?
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When sober girls around me, they be actin' like they drunk.
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I'm listening to some old school Metallica and eating some stir fry I just made...about the only things I'm happy about at the moment. EDIT: My ass looks great in these N&F Weird Guys despite not having been to the gym in a week. I should post a picture for the world when there's better light. So three things making me happy.
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^ Old Metallica = (when you're in the right mood).

Just received to e-vites. Next Tuesday to a hosted cocktail party and next Wednesday to a hosted dinner. One of my favorite restaurants is opening up another location. Both nights are at their place for their VIP patrons. The Wednesday night dinner is a service trial run. Should be interesting.
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Yeah nothing quite like air drumming with chopsticks to Ride the Lightening
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Love coming home from work seeing more sore losers rage cause they can't get over getting clowned. Too funny.

Thanks guys. Work was busy as hell so this really made my day.

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Jamie making me feel like I'm the only boy in the world.
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Just recieved an offer at one of the largest account firms in the world! Not sure I'll take it...pretty happy though.
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Dranking a beer and jamming to Fanfarlo in my office.
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