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Don't forget the figging! That's his favorite step
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Yesterday started off with a 3pm happy hour with a couple that moved back to where he went to med school as they hired him as a prof. We were only able to hang for a couple hours with them but then went to another happy hour to meet up with a couple of Mrs. Piob's besties. That was the place that does my duck confit poutine with foie gras, and the bartender is a good friend, so had no problems hanging for a few hours with the lassies. Probably should not have had that last manhattan in front of the fireplace though.

All in all the relaxation mission was accomplished.
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about 7pm, got a phone call. some buddies (an English Teacher from Florida, who has me teach him how to wrench. and a former Mechanic from Brazil, who now runs a Coffee enterprise) they say, you wanna play indoor Volleyball?


Fuck yeah! :slayer: beats cutting down on my beers to lose weight.  showed up in Jordan's and jeans. with a Helmut Lang tee. had an awesome time. won a few games. some Dude who was a firefighter from Belize on the other team was like "oh, you wanna cook this out?" we faced off, both on the serve, and at the net. 2 fat blue collar dudes throwin down with a Volleyball. like there was some pride on the line. and there was this Milf. . . totally threw my game off. Dayum.... you lads have NO IDEA.


on the way home, the guy from Brazil lines up next to me at the traffic light.  Game on son.

he actually got me off the light. to half a car. but once i got some air in the Turbo, it was all over.

later he texted me to say i'm pushing at least 300hp at the wheels. a fun little traffic light derby.


grabbed some Coke zero before getting home. time for a cheap whiskey and coke.chatting to you gents, backed up by the soothing sounds of "Steve n' seagulls" cover of November Rain.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



had a great night. now to relax and enjoy the banter.


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Early birthday gift: Pixies tickets at the Ryman in May.
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Dat moonlight 6-1 bet cashed in!

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