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Spent the day knocking down large trees at a friend's upstate property. Left exhausted and late for a party a few towns over, so heavy foot along a gravel mountain road. Hit a loose patch of gravel and started to fishtail at speed. Foot off brake and gas as I tried to compensate. Oversteered and fishtailed the other direction. Am now swerving downhill and picking up speed. Tried to steer out once more, but the truck wasn't having it and the rear end broke through the fishtail. I'm in a full spin thinking I'm going to roll. Complete revolution and then past to smash the read end into an embankment. Six feet that way and I would have wrapped around a tree; six feet the other way and I would have flipped into a ditch. Drove out and made the party. 


Had a cousin who wrapped around a pole and became a quadriplegic. Happy to be writing this.   



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Jesus Christ, lefty. What kind of drink did you have once you got there?
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Just a glass of red wine.


I tend to be calm in these situations. As I was swerving I was struck by the fact that gravel was different than ice - have a lot of experience with ice - and I was trying to predict when it would roll. I also felt that it was kind of cool to have that much weight moving out of control. Fortunately, I was smart enough to keep off the brake and I guess able to minimize the potential to roll. 


I hit the bank, restarted immediately, drove forward to see that I was free, pulled a three point turn (I ended up facing the opposite direction I was travelling in) and carried on. I only got out of the truck to inspect damage when I arrived. Ripped a mud flap off and dented bumper. Fishing truck so I don't care.


Okay, two glasses of red wine.


My wife was great...

"Hey babe, I lost control while driving and spun ass end into an embankment."

"How's the truck?"



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Is it an older truck? By your description it didn't sound like any traction control. Last weekend I slid my car's tail out on a wet onramp (somewhat intentionally) - it was a little surprising how hard the TC grabs and I almost hit my head on the window.
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The only traction control it has are my snow and ice skills which I do think prevented me from flipping. But I'm adding some "slow the fuck down over gravel roads" next week.



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Hwy 80 from Reno to Sac in a spring storm = never a dull moment

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Going mushroom picking in a bit, its rainy, but my friend has her car today so we can go to my secret spot without walking an hour in the cold and rain each way smile.gif
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"Mushroom" picking, eh? In the backseat of your friend's car (aka your secret spot)?
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While it's perfectly legal to pick libterty caps, which grow wild here, I'm actually going to my edible mushroom spot today, i can get liberty caps pretty much anywhere. Gotta go down to the forrest for the tasty non trippy ones wink.gif
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The joaks write themselves foalks.
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I think LiamO been eatin' them libterty caps. He thinks GreenFrog is in asia doin' yoga

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Thanks to those crazy canucks, Miller is again a (mostly) American owned beer*.  Woo hoo!




*While based in Denver, apparently the stock of Molson Coors trades in both the us and canadian markets.  I have no idea how that works


edit:  I supposed my verbiage is incorrect.  Canadians are Americans too.  A mostly US owned beer.

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Make sure to really yank those mushroom caps so you get what you need. Quick, short tugs.
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HRoi may hate avocados, but he loves mushrooms like this:

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People who aren't from the US and whine about also being American are just trying to ride on our coattails.

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