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I like to imagine that it's the sound that my switch makes in the air when I give him his spankings
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I setted a Hroi trap and he walked into the Kraf cheese rsrsrs :rotflmao:

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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

As a Portuguese speaker myself, I think I can help Mathis out with this one.


rsrsrs"(BR) = "lol"(US)
rs = risos (laughter) in internet

Afirmativa. Obredago jefe, er, chefe! smile.gif
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Domo orbigado, Sir Rebeller.
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Had a conversation with one of my very best friends in the world knows me as well as anyone. He said "You are the densest person I have ever known when it comes to recognizing that beautiful women are interested in you." It's funny but probably also true.
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Hot chix wauw a taste'a l'incy's dinky but l'incy dauw be observalent and *dat* puts you in condition of happilyness?
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He's referring to himself
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My liege..cmon: I knew that!
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I am thinking of buying a mantchen. The only thing holding me back is the thought of paying for wifi the mantchen has high ceilings and the wifi will rise to the top (it's called basic physics you can look it up.)
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Should get one of those in-ground mansions, like snoopy. Always wifi in the grotto.
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In general I've forced myself to be more extroverted and this weekend I felt like I've had a lot of proof of my gains.

Friday night I was out till 2am for a friend's birthday. Last night I was out until 1am for karaoke, which I've never done before, and today I was invited to an exhibit in LA but decided not to go because I have a lot of chores. I get invited to stuff all the time now and many people enjoy being around me. Never thought I could say that even just a year ago. It kind of hit me last night that this is the new normal for my social life. It's nice.
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Duplicate post
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I forgot to update from a couple of weeks ago. My son had his Eagle scout board of review on Tuesday and became an Eagle scout. We're super proud of him and all his hard work.

Maybe not so much on the "making you happy" side, but I also found out that I am going to be released as scoutmaster for our troop. I have been called to a new assignment at church so the scoutmaster gig will pass to someone else. Tonight is our court of honor (just the regular end-of-summer COH, not my son's Eagle COH) so I suppose this will be my last hurrah as scoutmaster. Lots of feels right now.
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