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What are you looking forward to seeing, doing in Dubai?
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Mostly the Burj Khalifa, the mall, and the marina. I'm only there for 24 hours so no big plans. 

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I had a day long event I fought at on Saturday. Probably one of the most physically taxing days I've had in some years. It makes me reflect on working out so much in this past year. I'm stronger than most the guys out there, even some who probably weigh more than me, and I have above average agility. I have two new swords that are very long and I did really well.

I'm still sore all over and bruises are showing up in strange places all over my body. A girl also said my eyes were "mesmerizing" bigstar[1].gif

Here's an action shot

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^I once played a disc golf tourney at a park that had LARPING people having a huge get together in the main fields. the look on normal park going people's faces watching two obscure hobbies was priceless.

I didn't know what LARPING was beforehand. but have greatly enjoyed mid evil fairs in my teens. also had the obligatory dungeons and dragons early high school phase.
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I want to shoot at people with foam-tipped arrows.

I bought my buddy a groupon for his birthday to go to a place that has bow-and-arrow dodgeball....but of course we never actually used it.
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When I pay close attention I discover that each of my internal organs and muscle groups has a distinct personality and a distinct manner of speech be communicate with me how they're doing. This morning my stomach (who is gruff like a old-time plumber) was like "Heyo stop puttin' dat day-ree in heeya I doe like dat one bit!!"
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Old plumbers are not nearly so polite. Thats more like an old time electrician or old time elevator installer .They have more of that" sois gentil mon fils"

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My new toothbrush can talk to my iPhone. I knew watching the Jetsons was educational.
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Two questions
1: what does its voice sound like?
2: does the iPhone reply?
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

Two questions
1: what does its voice sound like?
2: does the iPhone reply?

The App is keeping their conversationn private.
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So your toothbrush is whatsapp'ing your phone, hmmm.........

I'm kind of disappointed it doesn't sound like Rosie.
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Could my toothbrush whatsapp my dentist and stop him from using the metal claw hook of gum pain, on my face. That'd be great.

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Or you could start flossing. 

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He is british.
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I know some of you will call me man of low sophistelcation but I don't even give a rip when I see on ESPN website that Frank Caliendo han done impression I click on dat video straightaway see what he done.
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