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A girl told me I looked like a Calvin Klein model. On the spur of the moment I replied "So you're saying I look gay?" She thought it was funny.

I'm so charming, good looking, and witty sometimes it just kills me. bigstar[1].gif
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So by your own account, a woman compliments your looks and you respond with a joke about how you must look gay in her eyes. And then you log onto a forum of virtually all dudes to talk about how good/gay looking and witty you are.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
PS - If you wouldn't mind, please keep your face-melting imbecility safely quarantined within the Trump thread. Kthx.
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Not entirely true. I went home and started flexing in the bathroom mirror before I bragged about it on SF.
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Found the girls post.
So I went up to this guy trying to flirt with him and get him to ask me out. I gave him a compliment and then he made a joke about looking gay and left. What a fucking idiot back to tinder I go.
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Reggs brah it sounds like you didn't sample her poontang pie but did you get dem digits at least?
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Recently Diderik has developed the habit of adding the word "per" into his sentences where it's not really necessary. For example, this morning he said "Little Geneviève is acting cuckoo, as per usual hehehe!" And just a moment ago he said "Thanks for my Mideast Feast dinner, as per my wishes!!" Then I figured it out "per" ("purr") is a happy word for a cat no wonder he looks for pretexts to get it in to his sentences.
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You're welcome.
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I made a person cry with one of my postings on Facebook don't worry though it was good kind of cry. It was a post about my keetays.
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Another material capital project is almost completed. I'm having a big open house for it Wednesday and I should have the program licensed and open next week. It's focuses on a very vulnerable and under served population, adults with developmental disabilities that are community placed. Kind of proud of this one. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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local art purchase:

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I think it needs to be painted by someone with the talent of painting. (Or as the locals might say where you are, it needs painted.)
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Originally Posted by L'Incandescent View Post

I think it needs to be painted by someone with the talent of painting. (Or as the locals might say where you are, it needs painted.)

I bet I could use Moononine to clean off the extra paint.
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Mooninites rock the fat ass.

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There is this engineer on facebook who takes everything literally so I started trolling him.

He posted about how he likes honeycomb. I said I always thought it was a great idea and would love to go on a factory tour to see them mold the wax and inject the honey inside the hexs. He posted about getting a 2nd degree burn on his stomach and I told him it could have been prevented if he wore sunscreen or a shirt then recommended a sunscreen to him. Of course he got them from a cooking accident.

This type of stuff really gets under his skin. Even though he probably thinks I'm retarded it's so much fun.
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