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Our kitten!

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That's the new one? Very cute.
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My new rainfall shower head. I'm the type of person who doesn't get rid of anything until it completely breaks down, and I finally had to say goodbye to my decade-plus-old rainfall shower head, which was full of mineral deposits and springing leaks. I bought a slightly larger shower head and an extending arm to attach to the shower pipe and allow the water to flow straight down. The difference is night and day. Let me tell you, if you are looking to improve your quality of life for very little money, there are few things that offer a better ROI than this accessory.
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One of my rabbits just started humping the other one while they were on my lap. She (yes, she) gets very excited about food, and I was peeling a tangerine. Then they spent about 15 minutes on my lap trying to steal as much of my tangerine as they could. This does not normally happen. It amused me no end.
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Okay they jumped back up on my lap and now the male rabbit started humping the female rabbit on my lap. (F.Y.I. They are spayed/neutered)

Now they are just laying around totally chill like nothing freaky happened. I feel a little violated.
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Just entered four McDonald's monopoly squares into McDonald's app hope I win $1 million icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Does that mean you ate at McDonald's 4 times?
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In this particular instance? No. A large order of fries han contains 4 stickers.

In the past month? Absolutely.
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Lot of times cats get idioms wrong in unexpected ways little Diderik just said "You know what they say, beauty is in the eye of the Hulkster."
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Wfh today due to dat snow ☺️
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I had an awesome dream yesterday that I had spiderman's powers. I was shooting webs, flying around all over the place, and climbing on walls. Was freaking awesome.

In b4 cum joaks.
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Every once in a while little Geneviève says things basically looking for reassurance. Today she said "I cherish my time in this home. I'm definitely not going to like it when I go back to the shelter." And then I said "No Geneviève, you're not going back to the shelter this is your permanent home for life" to where she started purring up a storm got a confidence to her again.
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Ate dinner in Chinatown this weekend. Saw this restaurant

(Not my pic - was nighttime, but same place)
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