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I'm not sure if this would violate Styleforum Standards and Practices, but I would not be opposed to the siterunners paying a small fee to LawrenceMD's wife get her to sign up and make posts.
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Wasn't there a study or something that metal kids have a high rate of growing up to be well-adjusted adults? 

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Metal kids should be easier to adjust and oil, than those damn human ones.
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Caucused this morning. I'd never done it before, but it was pretty cool. Neighborhood people (my little group was probably a 8 block radius). Seems very archaic, but that's the charm, I suppose.
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Why has the Piob edited his posts?
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Should have been in Drunk Poasting. It was really funny at the time though and definitely did make my night.
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Millions of people came out today to have a hamburger with Papaw kick ass!

(Remember he's the guy who made 12 hamburgers for his grandchildren but only one grandchild even showed up he was sad.)
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Took my kid out for her first not-quite-legal (she's a few months away from being eligible for her learner's permit) night-time driving lesson. Now reading The Great Santini and eating homemade ice cream while pleasantly buzzed on Couvreour Peaty Overaged scotch. As quiet Saturday nights at home go, I've had worse.
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Good luck my youngest(16) just finished the process on Wednesday . I'm naturally proud because she handled the whole thing herself and now I've this huge hammer

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I couldn't tell if this was for real or not until I read this part: "Millennials may find that baby-boomer self-esteem has declined precipitously in response to rapid societal change" and then I knew it was bullshit. Nothing, I repeat, nothing, can dent boomer self esteem.
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LOL Societal change . Nothing boomers would know anything about there.Hey when yer' awesome yer' awesome

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