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I don't support small businesses as a matter of principle. Do you have at least 50 locations?
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I have 50 minus 49 locations jejeje!

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What are your Yelp reviews like??
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Just did the math can purchuss 15.5 subway footlongs with my lottery winnings ☺️
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So you have to pay to suck foot long dick in a subway bathroom.
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15 of them, and a six incher, apparently
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You gotta hope he saves some money, for a drink and sandwich after all that work.
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We have a specific thread for poor people food. Please keep this nonsense confined there.
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Originally Posted by edinatlantaΒ View Post

Super hot girl in front of me has translucent yoga pants. She's on a stool, too.

To her 11 Oclock there's a super cute girl with great legs and a short dress. But it appears she is leaving now.

Good day.

well shit... no pics?

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Wait, why wouldn't Uganda make coffee?

They are right in the middle of the coffee belt and in an area that can grow both arabica and robusta beans
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Not to brag, but my gift wrapping "game" is "on fleek" this holiday season.
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Van Veen is a corny white girl????
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Van Veen: πŸ’
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