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John wishes the baby girl was his and will support her either way. Awww.
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I feel like I'm there watching it too.

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That lying whore mom
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Next up is Jasmine and her baby with some kind of bone defect. Michael is the putative father. He denies it could be his because Peaches (the infant) does not look like him - Jasmine is blackish and Michael is partially white.

The two were only together for one day, but Jasmine insists they had sexual relations all day at least 5 times.

A neighbour just testified that she heard the headboard banging the whole time.
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Michael has just come out on stage and is wearing a suit that probably fit him ten years ago.
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Jasmine is a fair-to-medium black lady with straight blonde hair. It's a very disconcerting look.
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Allegations that Jasmine is/was a hooker and smoked crack. "She's a ho!" said Michael.
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MICHAEL IS NOT THE FATHER! Here comes the Happy dance! And Jasmine ran off stage crying and covering her face in pillows.
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Backstage drama coming up next!!!
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Next up is Debby and her daughter Olivia. Olivia has red hair and blue eyes, obviously a genetic defect, so David (the putative father) with brown hair and green eyes couldn't possibly be the father.
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Audience is cheering on Debby, I think she's got a chance here.
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David, you ARE the father! Oh Snap!!!
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Now we're getting the backstage drama of Jasmine and Michael.
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Jasmine is trying to figure out who the father might be. She did boan another man she met at a bus stop, but she doesn't know his name.

Michael is crying because he wants a little baby of his own and is actually a little upset he won't have a kid. He is a giant fat person, so it's possible he might never have sex again.
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