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Nope. She told me herself she's never done it so either she lied to me (which is very, very unlikely) or you yanking my chain

Why would he be yanking your chain? It's certainly not a given, but it would be a pretty normal and healthy thing for her to be sexually active at 18 (said with a bit of a wince by the guy who knows his own daughter will be 18 one day).
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frown.gif i don't want daughters
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those female college virgins always end up being fucking nuts in many ways
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also, yesterday, I saw something awesome. PatrickBOOTH running with a small dog in tow.

the tourists next to me were given a special treat, and they knew it.
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It must have looked pretty funny. That dog can run.
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Hanging out with the Professor rn

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I have discovered Riff Raff. I an in love with this character.
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KISS sounded great! Eric was on fire tonight!
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Our female cat is being so cute right now.
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Here's what I like to do betimes when my friends post pictures on FB of their little children playing with dolls I pretend to think the dolls are real babies. Then I berate them on account of their children became parents at such a young age didn't teach them morals.
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I am 41 years of age (years old) and I am physically stronger than I've been at any point in my life up until now. That's pretty neat.
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How is L'Incendenscent Jr.?? shog[1].gif
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Wow that is a scary thought l'inc jr.

Betimes I go to the place, where they store children during the day (school), to pick up my son and they look at me funny each and say " excuss me sir. would you please put that child down, it's not yours".
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Young children usually don't take a liking to me I think it is because they sense I will "get up to antics" with their mothers and break up the family in which they dwell in. Hey it's just humans doing what humans do ain't no one to blame for that.
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