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Originally Posted by Bhowie View Post

Sherry is good

You barrel aged a trident? I can see oak going well with aquavit and cynar.

I did. It turned out okay but I think the Cynar + oxidation is not as good as Noilly Pratt + oxidation.
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Gotta be careful...there are some awful sherry's out there.

I would suggest the Dry Sack Medium product which is widely available and very good (or their 15 year old version, although I don't know that I ever see that in stores).
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Originally Posted by Bhowie View Post

Byyrh is a vermouth, so it will spoil quickly.

I'd use cochi and byyrh over any regular vermouth.

I think it retails for like $25. $17 is really cheap. (Good deal)

Its really big in Boston. In surprised it isn't that common in NYC.

Cynar is a very easy drinking amaro.

I though byrrh was a quinquina cuz it had cinchona. Or are quinquinas a subcategory of vermouths?

Cynar is the artichoke one right? I rather like that

Bought some equipo Navajos sherry recently. Pretty tasty
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Quinaquina is a subcategory of vermouth. Just like curracao is a subcategory of triple sec.

Edit: quinaquina is the plant I think. Quina is the class of fortified wines with quinine added, like cochi Americano
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I like sidecars.
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This dive bar I used to frequent had a half-full bottle of vermouth at the bar--I'm guessing it was probably several years old. I think I may have had a shot of it once for free.
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Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH View Post

I like sidecars.

I really want a motorcycle with a sidecar.
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It's a cognac cocktail you Philistine
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My birthday dinner is next Saturday. In the leadup, ESPN will show a heavyweight boxing title matchup (and then another one a few weeks later). So yeah... even though its a bit of mismatch I am kinda stoked.
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I always specify no vermouth if I am ordering a martini at a dive bar. If I don't want to be that guy, I generally just get bourbon on the rocks.

In Cambodia I ordered wine at this dive bar, it was so disgusting I couldn't finish it. The bartender said nobody had ordered it in months. I assumed it was the same opened bottle from that time. Cambodian standards.
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Once when I was in Nederlands I ordered what we call in STL a "Dutch Grandee" but they prepared a French martini (Chambord and pineapple juice and whatnot). It's lucky I enjoy French martinis.
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just why....
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

just why....

3 day wknd and I started early today!
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That could have been a can of Sprite and still would have the same effect
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