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Imagine if the show had ended after the season with Trinity. The series would have come full circle.

There were still a lot of decent eps after it but series finales in general are never an easy task
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Originally Posted by MrG View Post

The last few seasons were definitely a step down from the earlier ones, but the finale absolutely made sense if you watched it while keeping in mind the show's milieu. The people I see who got the most upset about it are those who seemed to forget about the things I mentioned in my post.

I feel pretty much the same way about How I Met Your Mother. The people who were claiming the mother wasn't pretty enough or were let down by the finale seem to have missed the point of the show (and lulz at the jezebel folk for judging a chick based on looks)

That dude banged all sorts of starlets and beauties--that's clearly not what he was looking for. The ending fit the show. Also, my understanding is that the ending had been decided long in advance--they filmed the final scenes with his children many years ago (to keep the actors from being old), so there is a limit how much they could change the ending. Maybe I am wrong on this...but its not like they decided randomly to slap the "fans" in the face--they had planned this slap many years ago.

Also...I'm not one to get pissed about how someone else ends their story. Yeah, maybe stories don't always have my favorite ending, but I'm not the one writing them. Its not the writer's job to place to cater to my whims (ratings seeking aside), they get the freedom to tell the story they wanted. If I don't like the ending, so be it, I guess they aren't the writer for me.

edit: for instance, I am sure the finale of Mad Men is going to be depressing. This will probably upset a bunch of people on the netwebs, particularly those who are only recent followers of the show (since it became cool and one of the "things" to watch) who never really picked up on the fact that the show is *not* a happy show.
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Giant, tits. How giant. Are your, tits?
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I'm about to creme myself with all this talk about NYC girls--I can't wait to move there.
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According to Spotify, there's a particular song I did listen to 23 times today. I get obsessed betimes. shog[1].gif
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Thanks guys. My first grandchild. A beautiful little girl!

Regular birth Douglas.

It was a special time not only because of the birth but also being and feeling so close to my daughter and son in law. My wife was in the room during the birth (I was eating donuts in the waiting room reading GQ). Kind of cool being the first one to call my SIL a "Dad", kissing our daughter and holding the new little munchkin.

Everyone has decided that my role in life is to take her shopping and to be sure she appreciates the finer things in life. Sign me up for that duty and where is the champagne?
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That indeed is the role of a grandfather. Save the shotguns and boy terrorizing duty for dad
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

Thanks guys. My first grandchild. A beautiful little girl!

whoa! my most heartfelt congratulations, Gus! I will raise a toast to you and your young'uns tonight! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

but series finales in general are never an easy task
Agreed. IMO series finals have to be some sort of closure for the viewers and bring the series plot to a reasonable end. Especially in a plot-heavy series, open-- often under the pretense that it's especially clever and thought provokig, which it often isn't (worked for Chuck though, imo, but it's not a plot-heavy series)--, spinoff-inducing endings are unsatisfying. I've had the unique experience to watch three seasons finals in two days (Boston Legal, HIMYM, Psych).

While HIMYM's later seasons lost a bit of quality, I was positively surprised by the finale. Not at all what I expected but it definitely felt complete. The gazillion jumps into the future and back surprisingly worked.

Psych's last season was pretty odd. The final, however, was pretty great and even though it screamed SPINOFF at your face, it still felt as if the storyline had found a reasonable end.

Boston Legal, well, despite the fact that they had to fight to get that last season out there, it was much fun. Over the top final? Maybe. But fun indeed.

Sure, all of those series are of a different format than Dexter. Breaking Bad had a final season that Dexter should've had too. I mean, who didn't want a great showdown between Dexter and the police? No way. Let's introduce a new creator of his code, let's introduce various sideplots that added zilch to the plot (Masuka's daughter; Quinn's relationships; ...), let's pair terrible acting (Harrison.. he's a kid, but still) with terrible directing (the threadmill scene--were they out of their minds?), let's make Dexter's decisions incoherent. And above all, let's shout SPINOFF at the viewers' faces. There's a reason--or rather a multitude of reasons--why a season's final gets 4.9 on IMDB (by 9k votes).

What do you think, @DextersMorgan?
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HIMYM finale. I mean, wow. I just watched it last night. I don't want to go all Rambo/Harvey_birdman and call it the shittiest thing ever but....you could definitely make a case for it..

When it comes to series finales, I still believe The Shield pulled it off the best. Breaking Bad and the Wire were serviceable. But yeah, HIMYM. Might be right down there with LOST with how horrible it ended
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I liked the himym final. Brought closure to everything
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Originally Posted by Connemara View Post

I'm ready for the suburbs. I want a house where I can listen to jazz on Saturday mornings while I make my eggs and toast and read the paper.

FWIW, I live next to the city and have a house with a yard.
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Regarding HIMYM... you could be smart, avoid shitty TV and not watch it and have a vastly better life.
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I never wanted Dexter to work in a police dept.


I wanted him to perhaps head security of some mega gambling joint.


I did not want MCH(michael C. Hall).   My original thought was to choose Jim Carrey as he fits my persona more closely.


Deb Morgan was based on my sister.   I showed my sister picture to Jeff Lindsay and thus the reason he picked Jennifer Carpenter. 

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Why can't one listen to jazz anywhere?
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