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That would be amazing. I want to see this happen
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We will get shrunk in NYC together when k go there
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Bitchea be given me they numbers tonight

Cuz I sober (not doing drugs)....
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I've been told before, when I used to post betrunken, that is was impossible to tell I was actually betrunken. I'm not sure whether I should be pleased or bummed out over that thought.
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Woke up with a 300yr old Spanish silver coin in my pocket. Wtf
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Back in the US after two weeks in Japan.

Best thing? Eating a hamburger the size of my face last night for dinner. After two weeks of... Shall we say, subtle? Japanese food, that burger was goddamned incredible.

Also, being able to yell at people for being stupid. Like the Dutch tourists at JFK yesterday who could not figure out the cab line and kept blocking it up and preventing others from getting to a cab.
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Yelling at the Dutch can be lots of fun! (Know whereof I speak.)
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After reading through the last couple of pages of this thread, I now remember that Fountains Of Wayne makes me happy.

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e-thrifted Ferragamo Safari Jacket that looks never worn for 20$... that makes me happy :)

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They are playing Clinic in the cafe today. Haven't listened to them in ages.
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Mmmmm, thank baby Jesus I stocked up on wine last night. I don't have to go anywhere.
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Did the same thing on Thursday, along with sausages and sprouts of Brussels.
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I got spinach so I can't hate.
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Originally Posted by Reggs View Post

I got a new job!

Director of Marketing at a tech company. The title is misleading since most directors are a lot older and make a lot more than I do, but it's still a bump up in pay. I get a team of 3, and if I preform well, after some time I might also get the sales team too. I get the offer letter Monday and don't really want to celebrate until then.
Congrats! cheers.gif
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