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Neo is giving up Meat and two Veg for lent..
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You mispelled vag
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

You mispelled vag

In Neo 's case, I doubt any Vag will be involved...
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There are some people who have a really hard time conceptualizing space in the abstract have to think of it in terms of land and its boundaries to help make it intuitive. Just this morning I heard a person say "There is a plot on my visage-land where the whiskers they do remain after I shave gets my goat."
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Shaving is for lames.

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When I don't shave for a couple of days, a substance appears on my face that's hard to describe I don't know sort of like carpet. I find that shaving helps make that substance disappear.
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One of these years, I'm giving up SF for Lent. Then hopefully, forever after that.
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Speaking of shaving, I have been stressing about getting my beard trimmed (haven't been to a barber in 7 years on account of baldness) but I found a local shop owned by a former Marine, which eases the anxiety.

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Conversation I overheard:

A: I can hold more urine in my bladder than anyone in this office.
B: No way I can hold more than you if the measure be litre.
A: Ain't matter what the measure be litres or galvins more is always more than less.
B: Depends on the unit.
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So, how big is his unit?

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Guess it depends whether we measure in litres or galvins.
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my favorite thing about Hong Kong International Airport:

ramen and tonkastu! Arisen ramen and next to it Saboten tonkatsu. kind of makes up for a 5 hour layover here since I can have one for lunch and the other for dinner. fuck airplane food.
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Nick cave tickets!!! Can't wait
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At one of the websites I did go to there was an ad promising to help me improve my English. The ad was in Portuguese assumed I was a native Portuguese speaker. (My native language is English.)
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I'm picking up a growler on the way home today.  It's the little things.

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