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Kai, that is awesome.
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That's a sick office.

Too bad mine is sicker!
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I'm sure your cubicle is elegantly appointed GF.

I joined my local food co-op today. Probably going to work 3 hrs/week. The discount is awesome, but even moar awesome is the new pool of hippie poon I will be wading through.
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Hipster, not hippie.
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Originally Posted by Kai View Post

Bought a new painting for my office.

Just looking at it makes me happy,

Does it make you feel high? It makes me feel high.
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Originally Posted by Teacher View Post

Does it make you feel high? It makes me feel high.

I think that's the herb brah.
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hahaha Troy Aikman didn't know what to do with the Papa John's Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie asked if he should dip it into the garlic sauce (such as you'd do with a Papa John's pizza, of which he was more familiar with).
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Better ingredients. Better pizza.
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Pigging out on Thai food.

Crab fried rice, tom yum soup, tom kha soup, sweet sticky rice with custard, and washing that all down with a thai iced tea.

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Originally Posted by imatlas View Post

Mazel tov!
BTW, how many nephews do you have?


More than 8 than than 20.


Had an awesome amazing time at the SF NYC Trunk Show. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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joined a mountain bike race yesterday. its actually my first mountain bike race. its a pretty tame race by mountain bike race standards, but I just wanna gauge how I fare with other bikers and I pretty much finished within the time frame I was hoping for, and seeing myself pass over a lot of younger and healthier looking bikers specially on the hill climbs made me realize this 40 something fat ass isn't doing bad. smile.gif

also, on a serious note: was looking at the tally of how much foreign aid the philippines got since the super storm hit, and realizing how much money and help this country got from its friends really hits a nerve. after seeing so much heartbreak from the first few days after the storm its awesome how the rest of the world seemed to pull together and mobilized their people and sent money and relief goods (specially medicine) and doctors and soldiers to help this small bunch of islands down south of us. people here and outside are at awe how the people in tacloban and samar and all seems to be pulling themselves up after having their lives and families literally swept off them, but what is missing in the stories are how american servicemen, doctors from medicin sans frontieres, disaster experts from australia and japan, teams from england and the rest of europe, etc... have on a few days notice just landed here and gave the people not only what they needed but also the hope that they will survive this. fuck yeah! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Today I was honored by the City of St. Louis for my acts. The mayor said "If we had 850,000 Lincadessens, St. Louis would be restored to its former glory!" But then the Deputy Mayor chimed in "Well a lot of the Lincadessens would have to be female otherwise everyone would have to leave the city to make whoopee hehehe!!!" And then an alderman said "Also some of the Lincadessens should be Black, some Latino/a, some Asian, some Jewish etc. so's we don't have errone the same!"

Finally, one of the officials (don't know which one) said "It would be shitty to have a city full of Lincadessens! But don't worry, we ain't taking back your award of commendation!"
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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin View Post

YES! Wallabies 32 V Ireland 15 and better still is the fact that Foxsports have six hours of international replays today. So much for Sunday gardening.icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Ireland never kicked in second gear..

Great game from the Aussies and good strong scrum..
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Just got an e-mail from a pretty distinguished professor in my field inviting me to apply for a position in his department at a major research university (although certainly not Ivy League or in that caliber). Probably not going to do it since I have no desire to move to that particular location, but at the very least, it's flattering. Might even be able to get a rare and elusive bonus from my current employer if I don't apply, but that's a long shot.
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^^ That's wonderful!
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